2015 in review – Kim Ilagan photos top in Facebook groups

In 2015, car show and commercial model Kim Ilagan dominated several Facebook groups with one million members each. Her photos appear/appeared in banner posts and pinned posts thus getting more views. She has more than a hundred thousand Likes in her personal Facebook account. She is also an admin in the FB page called Car Show Models.  https://www.facebook.com/CarShowModels

Example of Facebook group where Kim gets prominent attention.

kim summer

Commercial model Kim Ilagan – summer look

kim 2015

https://www.facebook.com/groups/lF.lB.MostWanted aclosed group with 1.8 million members

Kim Ilagan personal FB fan page


2015 in review – Senator Grace Poe in TROUBLE

May 2016 would be a Philippine Presidential election year and the political fireworks already started in 2015. Survey leader (for many years) Vice President Binay was overtaken by Senator Grace Poe as the Liberal Party demolition job on the former Makati Mayor started to take its toll. 2013 Senatorial elections topnotcher Grace Poe held on to the survey lead until the threat and actual DISQUALIFICATION by the Commission on Elections made soft Poe supporters leave her in droves. She now brings her case to the Supreme Court for final disposition of her candidacy status. Reluctant candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo then took the limelight as he SUBSTITUTED Martin Dino for a Presidential run. The last survey for the year showed the resurgent Vice President grab the pole position again.

Throughout all this jockeying for the top position, Liberal Party and Aquino Administration standard bearer former Senator Mar Roxas languished at the LAST (Senator Miriam being classified as a non-candidate, no chance to win, that is) position.

2016 prediction: Senator Grace Poe may or may not be DISQUALIFIED by the Supreme Court and her name MAY be included in the ballot but fighting a DEFENSIVE GAME will NOT make her win. The UNCERTAINTY of the status of her candidacy would make her supporters easy picking for the other candidates on the argument that a vote for her could be a WASTED VOTE because a vote for her would end up NOT COUNTED if the Supreme Court rules to DISQUALIFY her AFTER the ballots are printed with her name on them. There is also the possibility that she may be DISQUALIFIED AFTER she wins the elections although this is highly unlikely for the Supreme Court may invoke the VOX POPULI, VOX DEI (literally, the voice of the people is the voice of God) principle and grant her the Presidency because the sovereign people have already spoken. Assuming the Supreme Court allows her to win the Presidency, we can almost be sure that DISQUALIFICATION cases would be filed against her AFTER she becomes President (in which the new Vice President would then assume her office if she is DISQUALIFIED).

January 2016 surveys prediction: Binay and/or Duterte for first (there will be a number of surveys so one candidate can top one survey while his/her opponent can top another survey). Poe will be in third position and NOT be able to take the lead again up to election time even if she is a QUALIFIED CANDIDATE

2016 top 1234

. In spite of the legal difficulties of Senator Grace Poe and unless she is DISQUALIFIED with FINALITY by the Supreme Court, Mar Roxas would still be FOURTH but within striking distance of third placer Poe. It goes without saying that Mar  Roxas would grab SOLO THIRD position if Senator Grace is DISQUALIFIED with FINALITY by the SUPREME COURT. For the sake of reducing the UNCERTAINTY imposed on the Filipino electorate, we are hoping that the Supreme Court will act with URGENCY on the Poe DISQUALIFICATION case so as to spare us the agony of not knowing whether she is a candidate or not.

Comelec EN BANC throws out Poe DISQUALIFICATION appeal

The Commission on Elections voted to THRASH the appeal or motion for reconsideration of Senator Grace Poe on the issues of her natural-born citizenship status and her mandatory 10-year Philippine residency in connection with her Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for the position of President of the Philippines. The Comelec 2nd Division had earlier voted against her with a 3 – 0 vote while the 1st Division voted 2 – 1 also against the number one senator in the 2013 mid-term elections. Presidential elections would be held in May 2016. Both Comelec Divisions thus voted to cancel her COC, in effect, DISQUALIFYING her from the race. With a negative vote of the Comelec EN BANC, her final option would be to bring her case up to the Supreme Court.

Senator Grace Poe held the popularity surveys or polls lead for a few months until Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte seized the lead from her. The latest survey also showed the resilient Vice President Jejomar Binay recapture the Pulse Asia lead. The former Makati Mayor had the lead for many years because he was the only declared candidate (from way back 2010 right after he assumed the VPgrace no country office) for the Presidency but lost popularity after he was implicated in graft and corruption charges. With Poe losing steam because of her candidacy-related troubles, Vice President Binay and Mayor Duterte (who is also facing a disqualification case) seem poised to slug it out next year. Chronic TAIL-ENDER former Senator Mar Roxas is still trying hard to improve his ranking and is banking on a DISQUALIFICATION (Poe) or DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION (Poe and Duterte) to have a fighting chance against VP Binay (who may land in JAIL before election day if the Liberal Party plans work).

Miss Universe 2015 – MAJOR ERROR, Miss Philippines declared the REAL winner

LIVE: Miss Universe Philippines Pia Alonso Wurtzbach wins crown after MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ERROR. Miss Philippines was initially announced as the FIRST RUNNER UP and Miss Columbia 2015miss universe Pia alonso Wurtzbach was crowned until the emcee revealed a HUGE BLUNDER since, in fact, Miss Philippines IS the 2015 Miss Universe based on the card which he was supposed to read. He apologized and showed the card on TV. Mabuhay Pilipinas! LIKE LIKE LIKE —->>>>> https://www.facebook.com/Philippine-Beauty-1460983220871693 LIKE LIKE LIKE —–>>>>> https://www.facebook.com/BalitaNgBayanOnline
MIss Philippines tops ONLINE voting.

Comelec votes 6 – 1 to ACCEPT Duterte SUBSTITUTION

The Presidential campaign of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte went up another notch as Digong got the nod of the poll regulatory body to substitute as candidate for the county’s Chief Executive position. National elections will be held on May 2016.

Mayor Duterte did not file to run for President up to the expiration of the October 16, 2015 last day for filing of the Certificate of Candidacy (COC). The next hurdle for Mayor Duterte would be to fight a DISQUALIFICATION case which is basically about the same issue of SUBSTITUTION with the complainant stating that Martin Dino (the Barangay captain that Duterte is supposed to replace) committed an error since the position he filed for is for Mayor of Pasay City (Dino is a registered voter of Quezon City) and not for President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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Comelec accepts Duterte’s COC

Posted at 12/17/15 11:49 AM

MANILA – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Thursday announced that it has accepted the certificate of candidacy of Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

In a press briefing, Comelec chairman Andres Bautista said the Comelec’s full bench (en banc), voting 6-1, ”resolved to acknowledge and accept the COC for president of Rodrigo Duterte, being a ministerial function of the commission.”

Bautista clarified that the resolution ”is entirely without prejudice to the pending disqualification case” filed by broadcaster Ruben Castor.

Castor earlier petitioned the Comelec to nullify Diño’s COC and render Duterte’s substitution for the latter invalid.

Castor argued that Duterte cannot substitute for Diño, PDP-Laban’s erstwhile presidential bet, because he wrote in his COC for president that he is running for the position of Pasay City mayor.

The Comelec’s first division is set to conduct a hearing on Castor’s petition tomorrow, December 18.

Mar (Wharton) – Nagsisinungaling, Nanlilinlang oWala Namang Balak na Manglito?

Umuusok ang social media tungkol sa SAMPALAN BLUES ng dalawang kandidato sa pagkapangulo ng ating bansa. Sa isang panig ay ang nangunguna sa survey na si Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at sa kabila naman ay si dating Senador at DILG Secretary na si Mar Roxas na malimit, at hanggang ngayon, na KULELAT sa survey (pang apat kasunod ang pumapangalawa na si Senadora Grace Poe at pumapangatlo naman si Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay).

Nagumpisa ang girian nuong sinabi ni Roxas na MYTH (gawagawa o kathang isip) lang daw ang pinagmamalaking reputasyon ng Davao bilang isa sa mga SAFEST CITES in the world. Ito ay nasabinya nya sa kabila ng maraming awards at citations na natanggap na ng Davao City. Lalo pang nakakagulat ang nasabi ni Roxas sapagkat siya mismo ang NAKAPIRMA sa isang award mula sa DILG (nito lang 2015) para sa Davao City.

Binalikan naman ni Digong si Mar at sinabi na MYTH lang daw na GRADUATE si Mar mula sa Wharton. Matindi namang nagprotesta si Mar at pinagsigawan na GRADUTE daw sha sa Wharton School of Economics. Sinabi naman ni Digong na kapag nagkita sila SASAMPALIN nya si Mar. Kumasa si Mar at sinabing handa sha MAKIPAGSAMPALAN.

Base sa PANANALIKSIK, lumalabas na sa University of Pennslyvania (at sa marami pang paaralan at pamantasan sa Estados Unidos), ang katumbas na “COLLEGE” natin sa Pilipinas at tinatawag lamang na UNDERGRAD o UNDERGRADUTE program sapagkat ang tinutukoy lang nilang GRADUATE ay ang nagtapos ng Master’s program (at/o Doctorate program).  Sa mismong DEPINISYON ng University of Pennsylvania at Wharton School of Economics si Mar ay nakapagtapos lamang ng UNDERGRAD course (Economics) at hindi matatawag na GRADUATE sapagkat hindi naman sha nakatapos ng Master’s o Doctorate Degree para matawag na GRADUATE.

Sa Research Material mula sa Wikipedia nakasulat na GRADUATE si Mar ng Wharton School Economics. Dalian nyo at copy nyo agad (sapagkat baka BAGUHIN na nila yan pero hindi naman nila binago nuong hindi pa lumalabas ang gusot).

Mar Roxas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Manuel “Mar” Araneta Roxas II (born May 13, 1957) is a Filipino politician who served in the Cabinet of the Philippines as Secretary of the Interior and Local Government from 2012 to 2015. Previously, he was theSecretary of Trade and Industry from 2000 to 2003, a Senator from 2004 to 2010, and Secretary of Transportation and Communications from 2011 to 2012. He is the son of former Senator Gerry Roxas, and the grandson of former Philippine President Manuel Roxas and of industrialist J. Amado Araneta.

 *****A graduate of the Wharton School, Roxas worked as an investment banker, mobilizing venture capital funds for small and medium enterprises.[2] *****


Taumbayan na po ang maghuhusga kung totoong GRADUATE si Mar ng Wharton (bagamat Wharton na mismo ang magsasabi na UNDERGRADUATE lamang sha base sa Wharton School of Economics at University of Pennsylvania definition). Nagsisinungaling ba si Mar Roxas na sabihing GRADUATE sha ng Wharton o sadya lang niyang nililinlang ang mga mamamayan sa kanyang pahayag tungkol sa kanyang natapos?


mar yellow toga


GRACEFUL EXIT for Poe proposed

A series of setbacks is too much for a Presidential candidate that would now have to campaign and at the same time defend herself in the legal arena. Second Division Comelec loss 3 – 0. First Division Comelec loss 2 – 1. Future en banc Comelec loss 5 – 2 (assuming the Chair votes in her favor, and that is a very big assumption ) or 5 -1 since the Chair needs to vote only to break a tie. Then there is the Supreme Court appeal that could last for weeks or months. There is even the possibility that the Supreme Court will NOT make a ruling BEFORE the May 2016 elections so, theoretically, Senator Poe can be DISQUALIFIED after she wins the Presidential contest (and that is another big assumption since Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte now has the survey lead and the momentum while Grace was stopped in her tracks and can only go DOWN).  At the very least, Senator Poe would have to wage a DEFENSIVE campaign (answering questions about her status as a candidate rather than focusing on her program of action for our country). Then there would be the UNCERTAINTY and CONFUSION brought about by her Comelec DISQUALIFICATION (Is she REALLY a candidate? Will votes for Poe be COUNTED? Will a Poe VICTORY bring her to the Palace to govern for the next 6 years? As President, will there be CONTINUING cases that could UNSEAT her?). A GRACEFUL exit at this time and an ENDORSEMENT of Digong would bring cheers and delight to the Duterte campaign while Grace still has three years on her senatorial term. As the Mar Roxas camp had previously suggested, Senator Poe could run for President in 2022 (her residency status would be okay by that time but her citizenship issues could still hound her).


Senator Grace Poe was disqualified by the Comelec 1st Division by a vote of 2 – 1. The next step would be an en banc Comelec vote. Five of the seven commissioners have already voted against her (because she lost 3 – 0 in a related case in the 2nd Division), while one voted in her favor (in this 1st Division vote). Thus, only the vote of the Chair has not been revealed but it can not alter the outcome (unless some of those who previously voted to disqualify change their minds). Then there is the Supreme Court route. The issue of whether her name would be included in the ballot also has to be resolved. If yes, then her name would be attached with an ASTERISK (*) to mean that a protest is still in process. She may win the May 2016 elections and still be DISQUALIFIED by the Supreme Court. Suffice it to say that if her name is not included in the ballot, then she can not be voted upon.

The cloud of UNCERTAINTY will test the drawing power of Grace who topped the 2013 Senatorial race. Her greatest problem is the entry of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the Presidential derby. Grace was the survey leader for many months before the on again – off again Davao mayor finally decided to throw his hat in the political ring. The most recent surveys have now put Digong as the survey front-runner. From a nearly constant 15% of the voting population that sided with Duterte during the months when there was no assurance of a Duterte Presdential run,  Digong now has 38% of the votes while Grace lost her high 30s to low 40s in terms of voter preference and is now in the mid 20s range. This can only mean that Duterte got most of his increase in acceptance from the formerly Poe voters. Duterte and Poe are relatively new comers in the national scene while Vice President Binay and former Senator Roxas have been in the limelight for years. Both Binay and Roxas are considered as TRAPOs (or traditional politicians) with the nation showing signs of FRUSTRATION on how things are in the Philippines, which merely means that there is a CLAMOR for CHANGE which both Poe and Duterte represent.

A Comelec en banc loss plus the prospect of a long legal battle in the Supreme Court (which may end AFTER the 2016 elections – after Poe has won or lost) is too heavy a burden to pass on to Poe supporters so only the heavily committed (to her) may stay with her on Election Day while her “soft” supporters may seek other options with Mayor Duterte as the greatest beneficiary of formerly Poe votes. It would be too easy for Duterte campaigners to say that a vote for Poe could be a WASTED vote (assuming she wins the elections BUT is DISQUALIFIED with FINALITY by the Supreme Court)

2016 top 1234


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