Note on this article below (updated) April 30, 2016. The brother in law (brother of wife Shalani) of senatorial candidate Romulo (running under Grace Poe) gave a speech at the Duterte rally in Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City. A nephew of senatorial candidate Romulo also gave a speech at the Duterte Muslim rally held in Novaliches.

Aquino Administration former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto Romulo graced the official campaign kick-off political rally of Presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Vice Presidential aspirant Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. This is the “first sighting” of a P-Noy former or current cabinet member PUBLICLY seen showing support to an opposing ticket. President Aquino and the Liberal Party have officially endorsed former Senator and former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas for President and Representative Leni Robredo for Vice-President. Roxas and Robredo have both lagged in their respective presidential and vice-presidential surveys. The rumor mill has it that President Aquino may DUMP either or both of the Liberal Party standard bearers.

There is a huge stake for President Aquino with respect to INEVITABLE criminal charges being filed against him once he steps down from office on June 30, 2016. A possible BRIBERY CASE in relation to the Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona impeachment proceedings plus the UNCONSTITUTIONAL DAP and PDAF pork barrel funds scam are just a few of the controversies that could land P-Noy in JAIL. It is to his OBVIOUS ADVANTAGE if Mar Roxas wins the Presidency although that development looks OVERLY OPTIMISTIC at this stage of the campaign.  Aquino is “close” to current presidential survey front runner Senator Grace Poe (although she spurned his offer for her to run as the Vice Presidential candidate of Mar Roxas) but at least she states that she would continue the current administration’s Tuwid Na Daan (Straight Path).

Aquino is currently at odds with Vice President Jejomar Binay, also running for President, and the VP has openly stated that he would use the full force of the law against President Aquino if he (Binay) wins the Presidency. Binay has his own legal problems related to graft and corruption charges so that if he wins the Presidency he would be immune from criminal and civil law suits while in office at the same time that a LOSS in May 2016 would most PROBABLY see him in JAIL for PLUNDER cases.

Mayor Duterte is the UNKNOWN FACTOR since he is hard on criminality, drugs and graft and corruption but basically silent on whether he would hound Noynoy Aquino if he (Duterte) wins the Presidency. The sighting of former Senator and former DFA Secretary Romulo can thus be interpreted as a personal show of support to Duterte at the same time that he (Romulo) could be used as a P-Noy conduit to Duterte if the Davao Mayor is elected President and President Aquino steps down on June 30, 2016 and faces a DELUGE of COURT CASES on the next working day (July 1, 2016) when CRIMINAL CHARGES would be filed as promised by the militant Left. At the very least, the Romulo visit could be the start of JUNKING SEASON (junking Mar, that is) since Mar has always trailed badly in the surveys and practical politicians do not want to be associated with LOSERS so they seek an audience with the other Presidential contenders (Poe, Binay and Duterte).

2016 Karera sa Piitan: P-Noy, Binay o Mar – Sino ang mauunang MAKULONG?

Change is Coming. #Duterte2016 Malapit na ang Araw ng Pagtutuos (May 9,2016). President Aquino, Vice President Binay at Secretary Mar Roxas NAMUMURO na sa KULUNGAN. Sino kaya ang mauuna sa kanila? Sabi ni Senador Koko Pimentel na si former Makati Mayor Binay daw ang MAUUNA dahil sa corruption charges na matagal nang iniimbestigahan sa Senado. Ang Makabayan bloc naman ay magsasampa ng PLUNDER cases laban kay Pangulong Aquino kaugnay ng PDAF at DAP issue na nadeklara na parehong UNCONSTITUTIONAL ng Korte Suprema. Andyan pa ang Mamasapano SAF 44 at Corona (RIP) pnoy kulong 2016Impeachment Bribery Case. Si dating Senador Roxas naman ay sangkot sa palpak na pamamahala ng YOLANDA REHABILITATION FUNDS. Yan ang maganda sa panahon ng halalan, maari tayong managinip na magkakaroon ng HUSTISYA sa Pilipinas.

#ZeroVotesForMar #ZeroVotesForLP #StarWars


Poll Survey: Please vote. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Most PAID and BIASED surveys have 4,000 respondents (previously 1,200). We are calling on each and every one to vote (more than 8,000 answered as of the time of this edit). #Halalan2016

It is CRUNCH TIME. A race to the finish. TRAILING candidates are DESPERATE for a final SURGE. Fourth running (tied far behind for third in some surveys) Mar Roxas exploded a PhilHealth bomb in the third Presidential Debate but the bomb exploded in his face when front runner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte retorted with the famous line “If the Filipino people believe you, how come you are trailing far behind in the surveys?”. Now we have a bank account issue, obviously exposed to influence undecided voters or “soft” voters for Digong who may still be prone to change their minds. Of course, no one is mentioning that the bandwagon effect can have an equal effect on Poe, Binay and Roxas supporters who may change their minds on the last minute on the basis of a Duterte IMPENDING VICTORY. #Duterte2016 #MarRoxas #ZeroVotesForMarRoxas #ZeroVotesForLP #StarWars



Panic Time: Roxas and Trillanes in last desperate attempts to STOP Duterte victory

It is all over but the shouting. Duterte wins by a landslide. Sure losers Presidential candidate and Aquino Administration bet Mar Roxas and VP candidate Antonio Trillanes are in a final DESPERATE but FUTILE attempt to DERAIL an INEVITABLE Duterte Presidency. Who let the dogs out? #ZeroVotesForMarRoxas #ZeroVotesForLP #Duterte2016mar trillanes dogs

Bong Bong Marcos NAUNAHAN sa survey

Leni Robredo nangunguna na sa survey sa likod ng MATINDING PAGBANAT kay BongBong Marcos, ang anak ng dating DIKTADOR na TUMANGAY ng US Dollar 10 BILYON. Tinatayang wala pa sa kalahati ng halagang ito ang naibalik sa pamahalaang Pilipinas sa 30 taong nang napatalsik ang mga Marcos sa Malacanang. Mahigpit na magkatunggali ang dalawa sa pagka pangalawang pangulo. Si Marcos Jr. ang nanguna sa mga survey mula ng magdeklara sha na tumakbo para sa mas mataas na posisyon. Si Bong Bong ay kasalukuyang first term senator at maaring tumakbo sa pangalawang termino kung saan sigurado shang magwawagi. Ngunit nagambisyon ang dating gobernador ng Ilocos Norte at nagpasyang lumaban para sa mas mataas na pwesto sa pamahalaan. Malaki ang galit sa mga Marcoses dahil sa PANDARAMBONG na nagawa nila at sapagkat ito namang si Bong Bong ay pinagmamalaki pa ang mga nagawa ng kanyang ama sabay HINDI pagamin sa NINAKAW ng kanyang pamilya at HINDI ring pagtanggap sa mga pangabuso sa panahon ng martial law ng tatay nya. Libolibong mga mamamayan ang nakulong, namatay, nasaktan at nawala dala ng batas militar. Hindi lang pagpapaumanhin ang hinihingi ng taumbayan kundi ang PAGBALIK ng BILYONBILYONG DOLYAR na fm bbm ninakawNINAKAW ng pamilya nya. Ang nanay nyang si Imelda at ang tatlong anak ng ito, kasama si Jr., ang mga tagapagmana ng NANAW na yaman at agresibong hinahadlangan ang pamahalaan sa pamamamagitan ng prosesong legal para maitago ang pera mula sa kinauukulang mayari, ang mamamayang Pilipino.



Leni on Bongbong: Let’s not be deceived again

April 27th, 2016

HURT by her rival’s innuendo that her surge in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey could be the mark of cheating, Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo called out Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on his “deception.”

“Calling us cheaters is an insult to everyone who has been helping us and trusting us,” the Camarines Sur congresswoman said in a statement Tuesday.

“Now that we’re at No. 1, all sorts of brickbats are being thrown at us by our rivals,” she said.

For the first time, Robredo rose to the top of the leaderboard in the SWS-BusinessWorld survey conducted on April 18-20, though by a small margin. She was statistically tied with Marcos for first place with 26 percent of the vote to her rival’s 25 percent.

But in another survey released Tuesday by Pulse Asia, Robredo trailed Marcos by five points with 24 percent voter support to the senator’s 29 percent.

“I’m sure their strategy is not limited to only black propaganda against us, but also empty promises and flattery to the voters in the next few days,” Robredo said.

She said Marcos could even resort to an apology for the abuses incurred by her family’s regime during martial law.

“They may even ask for an apology and promise to return the stolen wealth of the Marcoses to gain votes,” said the widow of former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.

“They have deceived us before; let’s not be deceived again,” she said.

In a statement on Monday, Marcos said he didn’t believe that Robredo has overtaken him in the latest SWS survey.

“We are quite surprised by the new survey because all other surveys show otherwise. I hope this is not a pattern for cheating,” he said.

Marcos told a news conference in Tacloban City on Monday night that he was shown a result of a survey purportedly by the SWS and commissioned by someone he refused to identify which put him ahead of Robredo by five points.

For her record as a human rights lawyer and development worker, Robredo has won the endorsement of more than 200 alternative lawyers, legal advocates, paralegals and human rights defenders.

The group led by human rights lawyer and election reform advocate Christian Monsod  expressed its support for Robredo in the May elections.


Roxas PhilHealth BOMB explodes in his face

Survey KULELAT Mar Roxas had only one goal in the Third Presidential Debate and that was to pin down front-runner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and deal Digong a MORTAL BLOW. Mayor Duterte, on the other hand, knew that all he had to do was to avoid another POLITICALLY INCORRECT statement (Pope insult, rape joke) and he could coast along for an electoral VICTORY on May 9, 2016. Two hours into the debate, there were NO FIREWORKS. In boxing, the contest turned into a sparring match with few hard blows and no serious injuries caused on any of the participants. BORING. Totally BORING. Then the health issue was discussed with an obviously well prepared Mar Roxas boasting of the Aquino Administration gains in hospital benefits. Duterte was not impressed and said Davao City requested for medical assistance with none received. Roxas became livid and said that he had a computer printout of Davao residents who availed of the PhilHealth program, with the lists including names, diagnoses and servicing hospitals. Mayor Duterte again downplayed the national government’s role in health care. Roxas then challenged Digong, insisting that the Mayor WITHDRAW from the Presidential race if the former Senator and DILG Secretary could produce the documents in the first hour of the next working day. Digong again thumbed down the Mar story of health care achievements. Secretary Roxas then said that it was so typical of Digong to deride issues rather than to confront the facts (as evidenced by the Mar PhilHealth list). In a situation where both sides have diametrically opposed stands, then both speakers could not be correct. Mayor Duterte then turned to the crowd and said if the nation really believed the Mar picture of the national PROGRESS and DEVELOPMENT, then how come Mar Roxas lagged FAR BEHIND in the surveys.

Analysis: The PHP 93 BILLION PhilHealth payouts for 2015 could be true. But for Mar to say that there is no more balance billing or out-of-pocket payments by patients is still far from the majority of hospital admissions. Government hospital pharmacies are also sorely lacking in medical supplies and medicines so the non-availability of those things still force patients or their relatives to buy the same in nearby drugstores at the expense of the patients. So while there may have been improvements in health coverage and payment allocations, the national health insurance implementation is still INADEQUATE at best. Cities such as Davao (where Duterte is mayor) and Makati (where Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay was mayor before he became Vice President) are more able to address the issue of universal health care proving affordable (or no cost), available, acceptable and accessible medical and hospital benefits. If the results of the post-debate surveys are to be believed, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s realistic analysis of the health situation is closer to the truth than the IDEAL presentation that Mar Roxas gave. The people have spoken. All that is needed now is a RESOUNDING DUTERTE VICTORY two weeks from today.

Since Mayor Duterte swept ALL three presidential debates and since he is leading comfortably in ALL political surveys, Mar Roxas may have lost the chance to catch up. Remember that if Mar Roxas inches up a bit (in future surveys) he still has to contend with second running Senator Grace Poe and third placer (in political surveys, not in the debate surveys) Vice President Binay.

FEARLESS FORECAST: Duterte 38% for the WIN, Grace Poe with 27% for SECOND #DuterteForTheWin #StarWars #Duterte2016 #MarRoxas

2016 top 1234

The 2016 Presidential survey front-runner is Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Senator Grace Poe is in second place. Vice President Jejomar Binay occupies the number three slot while DILG Secretary Mar Roxas is at fourth. 



Tapos na ang Boksing – Duterte 34%, Poe 22%

RELATED Article – Fearless forecast Duterte 38%, Poe 27% for the Win #Duterte2016 #Duterte #StarWarsbiopic duterte

Duterte widens lead in latest ABS-CBN-Pulse Asia survey
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte widened his lead over his rivals in the latest Pulse Asia  presidential preference survey done for ABS-CBN.

A total of 34 percent chose Duterte in the survey conducted from April 12 to 17 on 4,000 registered voters. It was two percent more from the last ABS CBN survey done from April 5 to 10.

The survey done nationwide had a margin of error of +/- 1.5 percent.

His closest rival, Senator Grace Poe got 22 percent, a loss of three percentage points from the last survey. Duterte now has a 12-point lead over Poe from the previous seven points.

Vice President Jejomar Binay lost one percent, ending up with 19 percent voter preference, while the figure for former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas was unchanged at 18 percent.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was in last place with two percent.


Fearless Forecast: Duterte 38% Win, Grace 27% at Second

Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would be the next Philippine President, winning by 4 million votes, as predicted by Google, Facebook and 7 – 11 convenience stores.

It is all over but the counting. Duterte will get 38% of the total votes cast with 14 million votes. Grace Poe will settle for second with 10 million votes representing 27%. Vice President Binay will get 6 million votes representing 17% while perpetual poll survey tail-ender Mar Roxas will get 5 million votes and 15%.

The results would put traditional survey firms to shame since they predict on the basis of small sample sizes (1,200 or 1,800 or 2,400 or 4,000 or 5,200) and justifying their results because of their use of scientific methods. However, in the age of the Internet and social media, resorting to tiny sample sizes would inevitably lead to less than accurate predictions. The way to go should be to compile data the way Google, Facebook and, in a less precise way, 7 – 11, generate huge numbers. The so-called advantage of the traditional polling is its methodology of choosing respondents but this system falls flat on its face due to extremely small sample sizes (in the few thousands). Gathering data from MILLIONS of people will obviously increase the ACCURACY of the projected election results. None of the STUPID plus or minus 2% blah blah which effectively puts survey results in the STATISTICAL TIE territory whenever candidates are bunched up and within striking distance of each other. When MILLIONS of respondents are polled, the plus or minus margin of error is reduced to an INSIGNIFICANT number, thus there will be no epidemic of STATISTICAL TIES which is our common fare (until Duterte pulled away).

Actually, we should attribute more intelligence to our candidates. Grace Poe said “habang may buhay, may pagasa” (there is hope as long as one is still alive). That comment does not exude a great chance at victory. At its best, it means that she knows that she is behind and must work double time to catch up. VP Binay said he would win by 4 million votes. Obviously he has access to a wider network of troops on the ground who are in a better position to assess the national pulse. In truth, he is in the know that the 2016 Presidential election WINNER would win by 4 MILLION votes. He just twisted the story a little bit to make it appear as if HE would be the winner when DEEP IN HIS HEART, he already knows that VICTORY will not be his. He deliberately presented a different winner (himself) so as not to DEMORALIZE his supporters. Conceding DEFEAT at this early stage would PANIC his campaign since it would be everyone to himself (jumping ship time, junking season). Mar Roxas, on the other hand, was already THANKING his supporters at Club Filipino. Detractors said it was a LOYALTY CHECK but it looked more like a LAST HURRAH, giving it the good old Ateneo High School ONE BIG FIGHT ( Win or lose, this the school we choose). It was Mar’s way of saying that there is still (political) life after two consecutive DEFEATS (for VP in 2010 and  an impending one for President in 2016). In a public statement, Presidential candidate Mar Roxas stated that he would be the Flavor of the Month in May 2016 (meaning he will FINALLY win, not just a survey but the election) which could mean he is banking on a MIRACLE (of the Hocus PCOS type?) or related DIVINE INTERVENTION of the Deus ex machina type (this phrase was taken up in his Ateneo High School Second Year English Literature classbiopic duterte). In other words, Mar Roxas insiders already know the score which is why they are holding back the release of funds. Anyway, less than 20 days before the elections, this blog is already CALLING the LANDSLIDE winner and that is Davao City Mayor Duterte. CHANGE IS COMING. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

#Duterte2016 #MarRoxas #GracePoe #JojoBinay #Halalan2016 #PhilippineElections2016




P-Noy Nalalapit Na ang Araw ng Pagtutuos

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Duterte Pulling Away, Poised for VICTORY

Bold Prediction: Duterte to win the Presidency

Mayor Duterte (32%) now has a 7% lead against Senator Grace Poe (25%). Barring ANOTHER self-inflicted public relations disaster of the Pope insult and rape comment types, the Davao City Mayor should now consolidate his forces since the Presidency is now HIS TO LOSE, meaning only a MAJOR FUMBLE can deny him a Palace stay.

To show how popular Digong is, here is an example of an apology poster posted in a Duterte Facebook fan page.

SHARE SHARE SHARE – Viral Post. Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. 1,306,669 people reached, 15,059 shares, 21 k Likes, 344 comments. 16 hours after posting. Like Like Like —–>>>>> Note: This Duterte parallel support group has 20 MILLION members in FB groups.

Four hours after the SHARE SHARE SHARE message was posted, the people reached has now moved up to 1,700,000. That is 20 hours after original apology poster was published.du 1 m reached