Facebook is down. No service around the world. No explanation given so far.

FB downFacebook is down. No service around the world. No explanation given so far. The international social media sensation Facebook is not operational. This is at least the second time this year that a major disruption of service has happened and, as usual, people have to resort to speculation to explain the situation. The usual suspects include system overload, the installation of new upgrades, technical glitches, voluntary shutdown to isolate malicious software (or malware) and, worst of all, an intentional hacker attack designed to overload the system causing the servers to crash. Facebook is truly a social phenomenon that has changed people’s lives. Significant numbers of its members would swear that their lives would be very much different without it. In other words, people can not live without Facebook. At a time when there is no Facebook service, we can only hope that the disruption is short-lived, as in a few hours, because if this thing drags on for a few days, anxiety would set in and there is no telling how Facebook addicts would act, react and generally conduct their lives during an acute withdrawal stage.   #Facebook #Facebookdown #Facebookoutofservice