GMA7, the current Philippine media giant (since its main rival ABS CBN lost its franchise), is in the ropes if we base the conclusion on market capitalization. From a high of 13.08 pesos per share just a few weeks ago, the Kapamilya current market value is 27.4 BILLION pesos on a stock price of 8.02 pesos each. This means GMA7 lost 16 BILLION pesos due to a 39% drop from its recent peak.

How can the Channel 7 company of Uncle Bob RIP lose so much in such a short period of time? The economy is almost back to normal from the three years of pandemic, lockdowns, quarantines, vaccines and social distancing.

Well, one has to look at the highly public bickering among iconic talents Tito, Vic and Joey and the production company of Eat Bulaga named TAPE that has a block time agreement with GMA7. It seems that the 44 year old noontime show has had a long and successful run to the point where the TAPE owners now want to exercise greater control over the TV program. However, during the negotiations, things turned ugly as TVJ were supposed to assume reduced roles with the corresponding decrease in compensation. Aside from that most of the staff were supposed to file their resignations only to be (selectively?) rehired, again, at lower salaries and benefits. All of these were thought of to phase out the aging veterans, to introduce new (younger) talent and improve/remove/tweak segments for a better watching experience.

TVJ were generally unhappy with the private (meetings) and public statements of the second generation TAPE executives (their dad is the majority owner and chairperson of TAPE), such that Tito Sen, as in the former Senate President, took the TAPE TVJ discussions public (interviews, social media). Details of unpaid salaries to Vic and Joey were ventilated and even if these were subsequently paid, the fact that there were long overdue plus the need to shout out about the matter, did not help the cause of the TAPE management.

The viewing public overwhelmingly support the Dabarkads and are eagerly waiting for the TVJ show to start on TV5 at the same time that TAPE has continued with Eat Bulaga with new talents. As the Dabarkads pull away audience viewership and advertising revenues from the GMA7 TAPE universe, would the new Eat Bulaga break even? Or would it continue to bleed heavily? Indirectly, would GMA7 lose out too since a number of GMA7 productions are bundled with the highly rated Eat Bulaga block timer in terms of advertising packages?

Obviously, it is too early to tell if TAPE would succeed in the long run. However, the market has already spoken with the massive drop of the GMA7 stock price and it would take a long, hard struggle to achieve the financial successes of the old TVJ Eat Bulaga.

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LUIS “Lucky” MANZANO case: Sapagkat siya ang Chairman of the Board, ang hindi pagiging parte ng pagpapatakbo ng isang kumpanya ay hindi ibig sabihin na abswelto ito sa kasong katiwalian.


Hindi lang siya CELEBRITY ENDORSER dahil Chairman of the Board siya ng kumpanya kung saan siya ang nagpapatupad ng mga pagpupulong, gumagawa ng mga patakaran ng kumpanya (matapos makakuha ng sapat na bilang ng boto sa mga kasapi ng Board of Directors) at pangunahing tagasubaybay sa pamamahala ng kumpanya. Dahil hindi siya ang Chief Executive Officer ng kumpanya, ang CEO ay sa kaniya nagrereport. Kung hindi sumusunod sa kaniya ang mga tagapamahala ng kaniyang kumpanya, dapat tinanggal niya ang mga ito sa trabaho (sa pamamagitan ng isang resolusyon ng Board of Directors).


Luis Manzano tagged in alleged scam; denies role in managing business

By GMA Integrated News

Published February 2, 2023

Actor-host Luis Manzano is facing a complaint before the National Bureau of Investigation in connection with an alleged investment scam.

According to John Consulta’s report on “24 Oras”, Jinky Sta. Isabel and other investors filed the complaint in a bid to recover millions of pesos in investments.

She said it was Manzano’s pitch that convinced her to invest in Flex Fuel. He’s allegedly the chairman and one of the owners.

“‘Ako ito. Luis Manzano ito.’ Kaya agad-agad akong nag deposit,” Sta. Isabel said.

“Siyempre, hindi ka magda-doubt sa kanya. Siyempre, Luis Manzano, artista,” she added.

Sta. Isabel said the company had been allowed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell products, not solicit investments.

In a statement, Manzano said, “I never took part in the management of the business.”

He also reportedly lost millions of pesos.

Manzano’s camp said that he filed a complaint against his friend and company CEO Ildefonso Medel Jr. in November 2022 after investors approached him to recover their money. —Sherylin Untalan/NB, GMA Integrated News

#NotSoLucky #MalasLangOBobo #ChairmanKaPalaDeIkawAngPinakamataasNaOpisyaSaKumpanya

EDSA, NCR Traffic: Missed Outbound Flights from NAIA

One of the worst experiences of airplane travelers is not making it to the airport on time. In Metro Manila, a major cause of this is the HORRIBLE TRAFFIC. One can never be too sure that a usual one or two hour ride could suddenly turn into a monumental jam. The causes are many (accidents, road repairs, heavy rains, flooding, potholes, rallies, etc.). It goes without saying that coming from Quezon City, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela and the nearby provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Zambales and Bataan could lull travelers into thinking that they could make it with plenty to spare but MISSED FLIGHTS have happened with alarming frequency. Coming from the south, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Quezon may seem like a walk in the park but gridlocks happen there too. Of course EDSA is the thoroughfare to avoid if one could because peak hours or not, vehicular buildup could result into a crawl. On particularly bad days, traffic is at a standstill for many minutes if not hours.

Since the possibility of missing a flight is directly proportional to one’s starting point’s distance to the airport, then the most logical, simplest and practical solution is to stay in a hotel in the general vicinity of NAIA.

From – Kabayan Hotel

423 EDSA, Barangay 98, Pasay City, Philippines

Bilang pasasalamat sa lahat ng Kababayan nating nagsumikap sa kabila ng pandemya, inihahandog ng Kabayan Hotel ang aming Book and Buy Room Only Promo!


Pad Premium – Php 1,900.00

Superior – Php 2,200.00

Stay period: Until December 2022

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TRIPLE LOSERS BOTH – Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas

Former Vice President Jojo Binay and former Senator Mar Roxas are stereotypical political arch enemies. Jojo Binay, former Mayor of Makati, which his family has controlled for decades post EDSA 1 and Mar Roxas of the super rich Roxas Araneta clan whose grandfather was a former president and father who was a former senator are exact opposites. Binay rose from relative poverty while Mar comes from the landlord class.

Their first major clash came in 2010 when the former local government unit (LGU) top executive Binay aspired for national office and ran for vice president. Mar being an incumbent senator also ran for VP in tandem with fellow senator and soon to be President Noynoy Aquino, son of former President Cory Aquino and former Senator Ninoy Aquino.

Mar Roxas and fellow Senator Loren Legarda were neck and neck for some time until the Yellow Army (Liberal Party of Aquino and Roxas) demolished presidential candidate Manny Villar with running mate Legarda soon falling by the wayside too. While Mar was already savoring victory long before the elections were held, Binay was slowly but surely improving his survey numbers and won the Vice Presidency by a nose. Jojo Binay one point, Mar Roxas zero.

For 2016, President Noynoy Aquino chose Mar to be the presidential standard bearer. VP Binay, a heartbeat away from the presidency for six years, ran for president too. The Binay Roxas rematch, but this time for a higher stake, was supposed to be a classic but Senator Grace Poe at some points in time led Binay, the survey leader for the past five years. Mar had dismal popularity ratings. Out of nowhere came Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who did not even submit his Certificate of Candidacy on the final day of filing. He had to go through the substitution route when his PDP Laban party mate (Martin Dino) withdrew. The rest is history as Duterte won by a mile. Binay lost. Mar Roxas lost.

The 2019 midterm elections are interesting for both Binay and Mar. Having lost the vice presidential race (to Binay) in 2010 and the presidential race (to Duterte) in 2016, the natural option would be to run for senator to feel the pulse of the electorate and gauge his chances for repeat future runs at higher office, and Mar did run for senator. Chances for a Mar Roxas senatorial victory were high, after all he had been senator before from 2004 to 2010 and there were twelve senatorial slots to be filled. Mar Roxas lost. By the 2022 presidential elections, Mar did not run for any position anymore. Three consecutive heartbreaking losses.

Jojo Binay in 2019 ran for a congressional seat in his bailiwick, the city of Makati, with his daughter Abigail as mayor. A family feud between his children Abby and Jun Jun resulted in an awkward situation wherein brother and sister ran against each other for Makati chief executive. Abby won. But lo and behold, Jojo Binay, the leader of the family dynasty that runs Makati from the mid 1980s (up to the present) lost. On the national scene, Binay daughter Nancy won her re-election bid for the Senate, hanging on to the 12th and last place.

In 2022, Jojo Binay ran for senator. Considering that most people view the 2013 and 2019 Nancy Binay senatorial victories as proxy votes for the father, the implication there is that Jojo is far more popular such that a senatorial victory would be a walk in the park. Remember Jojo was Vice President from 2010 to 2016 plus the Nancy two senatorial runs are good indicators of the Binay brand in national politics. Binay lost. Just like Mar Roxas, Jojo Binay was hit with three consecutive devastating defeats.

Pekeng Sugar Shortage – 314,000 Sacks Imported from Thailand

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) reported Friday that over 350,000 sacks of sugar, most of which are imported, were found at three warehouses in Silang, Cavite, as the government continues its crackdown against possible sugar hoarding.

The bags of refined sugar were all designated for industrial use. Authorities said 314,000 bags out of the total inventory were imported from Thailand.

RELATED STORY: Bukidnon 400,000 sacks of sugar —–>>>>>


Sugar producers twit ex-DA execs claim of 319,000MT sugar deficit

Bella Cariaso, The Manila Times

August 24, 2022

Sugar producers on Wednesday refuted the claim of former Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) administrator Hermenegildo Serafica and resigned Department of Agriculture (DA) undersecretary Leocadio Sebastian that there would be a deficit of 319,000 metric tons of sugar in December, which was why they recommended the importation of 300,000 metric tons.

Serafica disclosed this during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigation on Tuesday.

In a radio interview, United Sugar Producers Federation (UNIFED) President Manuel Lamata said that he was confident that the local producers will be able to meet the target of two million metric tons with the start of the milling season.

“I can guarantee that there will be no sugar deficit. With the [way the] weather is going now since sugar is dependent on weather, we will be able to hit two million metric tons,” Lamata said.”

At the same time, Lamata said that the discovery of 400,000 bags of sugar in a milling company in Bukidnon will further boost the supply of the sweetener in the market.

If the report on the stocks of 400,000 bags of sugar at Crystal Mill in Bukidnon is true, this only proves that Mr. Serafica is lying on the sugar shortage,” Lamata added.

Lamata noted that the sugar stocks in Bukidnon are bigger compared to the thousands of sacks found in the warehouses in Bulacan and Pampanga.

“Mr. Serafica has been saying that we will have [a] sugar deficit come [the] end of August, but authorities keep on discovering thousands of stocks in various warehouses,” he said.

Abolish Department of Agrarian Reform

Decades after the landmark land distribution law of the land to the tiller program, peasants are not better off financially compared to their income status under abusive landlords. The Philippines remains a rice importing nation in spite of hundreds of thousands of hectares distributed to farmers. The only crowning achievement of the said legislation and subsequent follow up laws is a BLOATED BUREAUCRACY that employs thousands of regular employees and contractuals (many among them with no real experience in farming).

The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) while professing beatitudes in behalf of the rural poor that directly work the soil is actually beholden to big landlords who are granted exemptions or find ways to circumvent the law by padding the lists of the rightful beneficiaries or implementing ways to still manage, control, administer and subsequently reacquire distributed pieces of land. Officials of DAR actively connive to covert agricultural land for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Need we still wonder why we can not achieve food security when all around us we see low cost housing or high end subdivisions that provide endless cash flow to land developers many of whom are among the richest Filipinos. There is indeed grease money that goes around to government officials, legislators, security forces and the judiciary.

In the final analysis, it is the common folks that are deprived means of livelihood where a significant number find their way to urban centers to populate slums in the hope of seeking employment.

A cost-benefit analysis would show that for the billions of pesos poured into DAR, money could have better been spent with fewer employees and staying true to the cause of peasant emancipation with the necessary technical support services rather than their current pro landlord and big land developer orientation that resulted in poor farmers and national food scarcity.

VIRAL VIDEO (1 MILLION views) – Comedy Queen Ai Ai bashes LOOK ALIKE Joy Belmonte in political parody *** A MUST SEE for Halalan 2022

Comedy Queen Ai Ai de las Alas hit Joy Belmonte in the chin (no pun intended) in a hard hitting viral video that is causing waves less than 10 days before the elections. The incumbent and embattled lady mayor of Quezon City issued politically incorrect statements during the troubled days of the pandemic and Ai Ai made sure that the voters are reminded of such rude remarks.

Link to viral video