Doc Willie Ong: From future senator to 4th place VP candidate

Internet sensation Doc Willie Ong had an outstanding, though not winning, performance in the 2019 Philippine midterm senatorial elections. Garnering more than 7,000,000 votes enough for 18th place, Doc Willie missed the Magic 12 list of winners but at the same time showed that he may have what it takes to challenge the big guns the second time around (2022).

The current pandemic that hit in 2020 gave Doc Willie more media exposure as he explained health issues and dispensed medical advice. The road to another run at the Senate was, however, derailed as presidential wannabe, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, invited Doc Willie to run for vice president instead.

While the Senate will have 12 available slots to fill, the Vice Presidential derby will only have one winner. If elections would be held today, Doc Willie would be a far and distant fourth placer (behind front runner Davao City Mayor Inday Sara, the presidential daughter; second in the surveys Senate President Tito Sotto (himself a showbiz personality) and running third is Senator Kiko Pangilinan (with Megastar Sharon Cuneta as his wife).

Less than five months till the May 2022 presidential elections, Doc Willie’s vice presidential campaign is not gaining any traction, is not creating waves and does not show signs that victory may be attained. In the final analysis, the chances of Doc Willie winning the senatorial race are far much greater than getting the second highest executive position in the land (spare tire or VP).