GMA Pinalaya: Utang Na Loob

Napawalang sala ang dating Pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sa bintang na PLUNDER o PANDARAMBONG ng pera ng intelligence funds ng Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Ang nagsampa ng kaso ay ang Ombudsman na nilitis naman sa Sandiganbayan. Ang GUILTY VERDICT ay inapela sa Korte Suprema kung saan binagyan naman si GMA ng NOT GUILTY decision. Napalaya tuloy si GMA mula sa kaniyang HOSPITAL ARREST ng apat na taon. Hindi sinabi ng Katatastaasang Hukuman kung mayroon o walang krimen na naganap. Hindi rin nabanggit kung mayroong nagnakaw ng pera o kung sino ang nakinabang sa PERANG NINAKAW. Ang sinabi lang nila ay kulang daw ang katibayan na naibigay para mapatunayan na si GMA ay nagkasala. Ang botohan ay 11 – 4 pabor sa dating Pangulo. Yung 11 ay LAHAT mga naitalaga sa Korte Suprema sapagkat si GMA ang naglagay sa kanila doon. Sa apat namang kumontra na mapawalang sala si GMA, 3 ay naitalaga ni dating Presidente Aquino habang isa, si Senior Associate Justice Carpio ang kaisaisang Arroyo nominee ang nagsabing nagkasala si GMA sa PANDARAMBONG. Maliwanag na UTANG na LOOB ang pangunahing dahilan kung bakit nakalaya si Ate Glo at isang malagim na pangyayari ito sa kasaysayan ng KATARUNGAN sa Pilipinas. #GloriaMacapagal Arroyo #Plunder #NoynoyAquino

Eto po ang sabi ng Ombudsman –

In a press conference last Wednesday, July 20, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales expressed her disappointment over the SC’s ruling.   A retired SC justice herself, Morales said that there was ample evidence presented by the Office of the Prosecutor to prove that the plunder charges against Macapagal-Arroyo are true.

“We are able to present strong evidence of 630 plus documentary exhibits, testimony of so many witnesses…as well as 40 plus folder records of the case,” Morales said in a report by the Inquirer.  “To us these are exhaustive records which reflect that the prosecution was able to prove [guilt] beyond reasonable doubt.”

gma noy susunod



Duterte Warns Mayors, Chinese nationals, PNP and BJMP personnel


President Duterte warned city mayors, Chinese nationals, PNP and BJMP personnel in relation to his unrelenting campaign against drugs. The former Davao city mayor named 5 police generals as the protectors of drug lords. He also named the top personalities involved with the Asian drug TRIAD. Bilibid prisoners Peter Co (in charge of Luzon and Metro Manila) and Herbert Colangco (in charge of Mindanao) allegedly run the illicit trade while confined at the national penitentiary. Peter Lim alias Jaguar, in charge of the Visayas and a Chinese national, is reportedly out of the country. Retired PNP General Marcelo Garbo is said to be a level 5 TRIAD member while the rest of the previously named generals and still to be named PNP officers are lower in the TRIAD organizational chart.

On the local government unit (LGU) level, Ozamiz City mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog Sr., is reportedly the father-in-law of Mindanao Island TRIAD top brass Herbert Colangco. Mayor Parojinog’s daughter, Nova Princess, is the city vice mayor while her brother Ardot is an Ozamiz City councilor. Mayor Parajinog and Councilor Parajinog are the suspected drug lords in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental Province and the whole Mindanao Island. Others in the picture are municipal/town mayors in the same province who are also suspected drug lords in their respective jurisdictions.



pnp garbo ozamis city mayor parohinog clarin mayor navarro sinabacan mayor mahilac lopez jaena mayor gutierrez  all in misamis occidental

Dallas Ambush: 5 Police Officers Killed, 6 Other Officers Wounded in PROTEST RALLY

news dallas 5 officers killed 6 others woundedShare Share Share – Breaking News: 5 police officers were killed and 6 other police officers were wounded when a PROTEST RALLY turned violent. Dallas was just one of the scenes of nation-wide protest marches regarding the shooting deaths of two black men in separate incidents (Louisiana and Minnesota). Both arrests were captured on a phone camera and a vehicle camera that show probable excessive force being used as both suspects were not in a position to hurt the arresting officers. BLACK LIVES MATTER has been a recurring theme that has haunted urban America where white police officers accost black suspects which ultimately lead to the use of LETHAL FORCE and loss of black lives, mostly young males. This particular incident is different in the sense that people have taken arms against the police force. Three suspects have been taken into custody with one of them being a woman. Assault rifles were used. At the time of this writing, a suspect is holed up in a parking garage with police negotiators trying to talk him into surrendering.

War on Drugs: 35 Mayors Next in the HOT SEAT after 5 PNP Generals are named

Duterte names 5 PNP generals allegedly involved in illegal drugs

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday named five high-ranking officials allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

In his speech at the 69th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), Duterte warned officials involved in illegal drugs and named PNP Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo Jr., former National Capital Region Police Office chief Director Joel Pagdilao, Western Visayas regional director Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz, Quezon City Police District director Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio and retired police general Vicente “Vic” Loot.

“I’d like to name publicly General Marcelo Garbo, he was a protector of the drug syndicates in the country; General Vicente Loot who is now the mayor of one of the municipalities of Cebu; General Diaz, the former regional director of Region 11; General Pagdilao, former regional director NCRPO; General Tinio former QCPD director,” Duterte said.

“As this time I order them relieved from their assignments and report to the director general. I would like to talk to them but certainly, I would expect the police commission to talk to them. Imbestigahan ninyo ito… hanapin ninyo ang totoo,” he added.

Duterte said the officials committed treason after the country spent for their uniform and education. He added he does not usually humiliate officials but he felt the need to speak the truth.
“I have to tell you the truth and the truth is after so many validations even when I was a mayor of Davao City lumalabas na itong mga pangalan na ito at nakikita mo na ang mga iyon intensive identification of the criminal syndicates and drug distribution marami ng namamatay at marami pang mamamatay at wag kayong sumali diyan maski pulis kayo because you will place yourself in the line of fire,” he said.
“Wag ninyo sirain ang bayan. I’ve been warning everybody. Do not destroy my country because I will kill you,” Duterte added.
Duterte veered away from his prepared speech for the PAF anniversary as it was “all motherhood statements.” Instead, he proceeded to his extemporaneous speech about corruption, illegal drugs, criminality.
He also stressed that his campaign against drugs would continue.
“I may not be able to clean it three to six months, but by six months and one day medyo tapos na.”

Who’s who: 5 cops tagged in illegal drug trade  

Here are quick profiles of the officials tagged by the president.

Bernardo Diaz

Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz was appointed director of Police Regional Office 6 of Western Visayas by then PNP officer-in-charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina in June 2015. He replaced Josephus Angan who was retiring from service. Before the appointment, Diaz was deputy director of the Cagayan Valley Police Office. In April this year during the campaign period, Diaz was among the four police officials allegedly seen in the company of men linked to Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas. Diaz called the allegations malicious. Last week, Diaz was among the casualties of the PNP revamp led by newly appointed Director General Roland “Bato” Dela Rosa.

Marcelo Garbo

Former PNP deputy director general Marcelo Garbo Jr. retired in March after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 56 years old. Garbo was a contender for the PNP top post after the resignation of former PNP chief Alan Purisima but former President Benigno Aquino appointed Ricardo Marquez. Garbo openly supported the presidential bid of Liberal Party’s Mar Roxas. Last April, four police generals in active service were seen in the company of Garbo and a staff of Roxas. The police generals may face charges of electioneering or violation of the PNP ethical standards for meeting with Roxas supporters. Cerbo belongs to the Philippine Military Academy Class ’84, where Roxas was adopted as a mistah or classmate.

Vicente Loot

Retired police general Vicente “Vic” Loot was elected as mayor of Daanbantayan, Cebu in the May 9 elections. Loot won over former Mayor Augusto Corro by a slim margin of seven votes. This prompted Corro to file an electoral protest against Loot. The Daanbantayan mayor retired from the PNP on July 2015 after serving the police force for 37 years. He last held a directorship post at the PNP Training Service.

Joel Pagdilao

National Capital Regional Police Office Director Joel Pagdilao served as Quezon City Police District director before taking over as Metro Manila police chief. Pagdilao was among the four police generals who were not given specific assignments since new PNP chief Rosa took command last week. Along with Cerbo, Pagdilao was also seen in the company of Roxas at a hotel in Quezon City. He also belongs to PMA Class ’84.

Edgardo Tinio

Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio was director of the Quezon City Police District just two weeks ago reported hundreds of individuals confessing to the use and sale of illegal drugs a few days before Duterte assumed office. Tinio said the surrender of the suspects was through Oplan Katok, an operation wherein cops worked with barangay officials to win over residents linked to the drug trade. He was named chief of Quezon City police in July 2015, before which he was director of Pampanga police. He was also assigned at the Directorate for Integrated Police Operations in South Luzon.

As of press time, Diaz, Loot and Tinio have denied the allegations of the president in connection to their involvement in illegal drug trade.

35 local execs involved in drugs, Duterte tells solons

Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News 

Jun 08 2016 03:14 

DAVAO CITY – President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has tagged 35 local executives who are allegedly part of illegal drug networks that he plans to eliminate nationwide.

The maverick president “named names” before Congressional leaders, and said he will ask these elected officials who are also drug offenders to vacate their posts immediately.

“Parang binibigyan nya ng leeway ngayon na confess. Siguro lighter sentence dahil nagconfess ka na pero he is not saying clemency or pardon,” Quezon Representative Danilo Suarez told ABS-CBN News.

Suarez declined to name the 35 local leaders mentioned by Duterte, but hinted that these could be mayors or governors.

Duterte also told solons that he intends to clean the ranks of the Philippine National Police as some of its members have been lured into the illegal drug industry.

“He even mentioned that he might need the support of the Armed Forces in the cleansing method, eliminating those men in uniform who are involved in this drug issue,” Suarez said.

The 71-year-old Davao mayor previously called on three drug-tainted PNP generals to step down from their posts before the Duterte administration formally takes office on June 30.

Bato Dela Rosa to 35 mayors involved in drug trade: You will be treated like ordinary criminals (Kicker Daily News)

MANILA, Philippines (June 15, 2016) – Local officials involved in the drug trade, you have been warned.

Reiterating his vow to implement President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to wipe out the illegal drug trade in the country, incoming Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa warned mayors who coddle drug lords in their area that they will be treated just like any other criminal.

“We will treat them like ordinary criminals. They committed a crime. I don’t care if you’re a mayor. You were elected using your drug money,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Dela Rosa also assured that these officials who will be caught red-handed won’t be afforded any special treatment.

“There would be no special treatment. How could you give someone a special treatment when he has committed a graver sin against the country because he was chosen as a mayor yet he has served as the drug lord in their area? He has committed a graver sin, right? So we would give you an ordinary criminal treatment? You might as well leave your post,” he said.

As a way of strengthening the PNP to help in Duterte’s anti-crime drive, Dela Rosa said he would appoint 15 new regional directors who won’t be afraid to defy local officials who are coddling drug lords.

“Our drug problem worsened because many of our commanders are afraid to go against the drug lords. They say that they have the protection of the mayor, governor or congressman. I would assign people who won’t be afraid to go against the drug lords,” he said.