Dallas Ambush: 5 Police Officers Killed, 6 Other Officers Wounded in PROTEST RALLY

news dallas 5 officers killed 6 others woundedShare Share Share – Breaking News: 5 police officers were killed and 6 other police officers were wounded when a PROTEST RALLY turned violent. Dallas was just one of the scenes of nation-wide protest marches regarding the shooting deaths of two black men in separate incidents (Louisiana and Minnesota). Both arrests were captured on a phone camera and a vehicle camera that show probable excessive force being used as both suspects were not in a position to hurt the arresting officers. BLACK LIVES MATTER has been a recurring theme that has haunted urban America where white police officers accost black suspects which ultimately lead to the use of LETHAL FORCE and loss of black lives, mostly young males. This particular incident is different in the sense that people have taken arms against the police force. Three suspects have been taken into custody with one of them being a woman. Assault rifles were used. At the time of this writing, a suspect is holed up in a parking garage with police negotiators trying to talk him into surrendering.

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