Lebron and Cavs Enter the NBA Finals as Underdogs

NBA Finals: What the Cavs must do to beat the Golden State Warriors

The Cavs will be underdogs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win

It makes sense; the Warriors won 67 regular season games. They outscored opponents by 11.4 points per 100 possessions over the course of the season. The team closest to matching that, the Los Angeles Clippers, outscored opponents by just 6.9 points per 100 possessions. Even if you adjust the totals to reflect only what happened after January 15th, the Warriors were still on a different level than the Cavs. Cleveland outscored opponents by 8.3 points per 100 possessions, while the Warriors were still positive 10.4.

So they’re good. They have Steph Curry, MVP of the league. They have Draymond Green, who nearly won Defensive Player of the Year. They boast greater depth than the Cavs can match. But hope remains. The Cavs may not have Kevin Love, but they have been playing very well. They boast the best net efficiency rating of any team in the playoffs, and have lost just two games, one on a buzzer beating bank shot. It’s the East, and their opponents have been banged up, but so have the Cavs.

Cleveland is oozing with confidence and has LeBron James. That’s not a bad place to start. Here’s a few things that will probably need to break the Cavs way if they’re going to win.

Kyrie Irving needs to be healthy, and good

Maybe the Cavs will need Irving to go crazy in a game or two. And maybe the Cavs need him to step up his defensive game, lest Steph Curry ignite over and over and over again. But that’s that takes a backseat to just easing the burden on LeBron James and unlocking a Cleveland Cavaliersoffense starved of a secondary creating force. You can’t expect Irving to score 40+, and you can’t expect anyone to slow down Steph Curry. All the same, it’s impossible to play down Irving’s importance in this series.

When Irving and James shared the court in the regular season, the Cavs were nearly unguardable. With those two on the court, the Cavs scored 113.4 points per 100 possessions, which would have easily been the best offense in the NBA. With Irving on the court, James’ true shooting rate was an excellent 59.9 and he used a manageable 29.4% of the Cavs’ possessions. When James has been on the court without Irving, though, his usage rate skyrockets to 40.4% and his true shooting plummets to 53.3, which is around league average. With Irving (and Kevin Love) banged up in the playoffs, LeBron’s true shooting is all the way down at 49.2.

You can’t chalk all this up to Irving, of course, but the Cavs can’t ask James to do everything offensively against the Warriors. They won’t score enough, and James won’t be able to exert enough of himself on defense. It also seems more likely that James will get his shooting rhythm back if he is taking fewer shots off the dribble and more off spot-up opportunities. Irving can get him those. We will see if he’s healthy enough.

The New York boys must continue to come through

J.R. Smith has a playoff Player Efficiency Ration of 17. He boasts a true shooting rate of 60.7 and he’s using just 18.5% of his team’s possessions when on the court, per basketball-reference.com. Those are the numbers of a truly elite role player, and he’s doing it while playing pretty good defense. It’s honestly incredible. There was no way to know he was going to play like this, and David Griffin, David Blatt, LeBron James, and J.R. himself deserve a ridiculous amount of credit. Griffin had the nerve to make the move to bring him to Cleveland, Blatt and James have set the tone, and Smith was ready to work from day one.

Can the Cavs get one more series like this out of him? So much of shooting can vary over the relatively small sample size of a possible seven games. Against a team as good as the Warriors, with capable wing defenders with length and strength like Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala, the margin for error is tiny. Smith has said that he likes to shoot with guys on him. That will be tested in the Finals.

Iman Shumpert’s work is tougher to quantify, but it’s little things. He’s a tremendous rebounder for a guard, and he’s helped pick up the slack in that area for a team that lost Kevin Love. He’s played through a groin injury, not complaining once. A career 34.2% three point shooter, he’s at 36.8% for the playoffs. That’s a small bump, but for a Cavs team starved for points, each made three has felt important. The Cavs most-used three man lineup in the playoffs has been Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, and James. In 308 minutes they’re outscoring opponents by 12.9 points per 100 possessions and playing suffocating defense. Shumpert is averaging over 34 minutes per game in the playoffs, well above his regular season average. Like Thompson, his emergence has come at the perfect time.

Timofey Mozgov and Tristan Thompson must be effective – together

It’s a weird duo. Neither can shoot particularly well. They allow defenses to load up in the paint for LeBron James drives and not pay for leaving a Cavs big that floats to the perimeter. They also get a ton of offensive rebounds, and, so far in the playoffs, have anchored suffocating Cavs defensive units. In 196 minutes in which both have been on the floor in the playoffs, opponents are scoring just 92.1 points per 100 possessions. That’s an incredible number, and would shatter regular season records. Can it continue? It’s a small sample.

The Cavs have been able to score 103.5 points per 100 possessions with those lineups, which isn’t great in a vacuum but is made more impressive by the fact that Matthew Dellavedova and Shumpert have been a part of those lineups. That’s four guys surrounding LeBron James that struggle to create any type of offense. Given this, it’s easier to understand why James’ true shooting rate would be low, and it also indicates just how good he really is. If David Blatt can surround these two bigs with James and great shooters in Smith and Irving, it might make for a great lineup even against a tough Warriors team. But if Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green outplay them, or if the Warriors’ shooting makes the Cavs strong inside defense somewhat irrelevant, it could be a long series.

Draymond Green has been known to talk quite a bit during games. Thompson might need to pull one of these off early on to quiet him, and the Oracle Arena crowd: If these things are able to come to fruition there’s a good chance the Cleveland title drought can finally end. It’s no guarantee, of course. We will see come Thursday night.



Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors Clash in 2015 NBA Finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors Clash in 2015 NBA Finals.

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Breaking News: Japan 7.8 magnitude earthquake

Japan 7.8 magnitude earthquake: Tremors felt across nation

Note: Other news agencies have reported a magnitude of as high as 8.5. We are awaiting further test results to resolve the discrepancy. Prudence dictates that we initially publish the lower figure and just issue an upgrade later rather than vice versa.

30 May 2015

A powerful undersea earthquake south of Japan has shaken buildings in Tokyo and been felt across the country.

The US Geological Survey said the 7.8-magnitude earthquake was centred 874km (543 miles) from the Japanese capital, at a depth of more than 660km.

The earthquake struck at 20:30 local time (11:30 GMT). Buildings in the capital swayed for almost a minute as the quake built in intensity.

There are no reports of serious damage. No tsunami alert was issued.

Commuters are stranded at Ikebukuro station as railway service is disrupted after a strong earthquake hit Tokyo area, Japan, 30 May 2015
Crowds of commuters formed around some of the city’s busier stations as trains stopped

However, Tokyo’s fire department has received calls about people suffering injuries as a result of falls, broadcaster NHK said.

Reuters reports that services on the Shinkansen high speed train line between Tokyo and Osaka were briefly halted by a power cuts.

Some trains in Tokyo also stopped for safety checks, causing crowds of commuters to form around some of the city’s busier stations.

Michiko Orita, a resident of the island of Hahajima, near the epicentre, told NHK: “It shook violently. Our Buddhist altar swayed sideways wildly.

“I have not experienced anything like that, so it was so frightening.”

Naoki Hirata, of the University of Tokyo’s earthquake research centre, said: “This was a very big quake… the shaking was felt over a broad area… fortunately, because it was deep, there is little danger of a tsunami.”

Japan is one of the world’s most seismically active nations.

In March 2011, a massive 9.0 magnitude quake started a tsunami that left nearly 20,000 people dead in north-eastern Japan and caused nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant.


Top FB group celebrity photos for 2014

Yung Feeling Na , Super Close Kayo Ng Crush Mo :">'s photo.
Yung Feeling Na , Super Close Kayo Ng Crush Mo :">'s photo.
Yung Feeling Na , Super Close Kayo Ng Crush Mo :">'s photo.
Yung Feeling Na , Super Close Kayo Ng Crush Mo :">'s photo.

President Aquino Favors Anti-Dynasty Law Daw, Hindi Kapanipaniwala

President Aquino pabor daw sa anti-dynasty law. Nose bleed kami dyan. Eh hanapbuhay na ng pamilya at angkan nya ang mailuklok sa poder para pangalagaan ang business interests nila (Hacienda Luisita, ano pa?) at lalo pang palawakin ang kanilang kayamanan. Tatay nya senador (Ninoy), nanay nya Presidente (Cory), si P-Noy dating congressman (ng Tarlac) at senador. Buong pamilya nya dekada na ang paghawak sa ilong sa lalawigan ng Tarlac. Tito Danding (governor), Tita Ting Ting (governor), Tito Peping (congressman), Tito Hermie (congressman), Tito Henry (congressman, RIP), Pinsan Enrique (vice-governor) at yan lang ang mga matataas na posisyon. Andyan pa ang pamilyang Sumulong na isang katerba rin ang nasa pamahalaan. Sa pambansang larangan naman si Tito Butz (senador, congressman din) at si Tita Tessie (senador) ay may dala ng pangalang Aquno. Ang pinakabagong dagdag ay si Pinsan Bam na naging senador din.

Kaya kadudaduda ang pahayag ni P-Noy laban sa dynasty ay sapagkat 5 taon na siyang Pangulo at di naman umusad ang pagpapasabatas ng Anti-Dynasty provision ng Philippine Constitution. Nuong tumakbo sa pagkasenador (natalo) si Tita Ting Ting, maaring masabing hindi naman nya kayang pagsabihan ang tiya nya at sa ibang partido naman tumakbo si Ting Ting. Pero sa pagtakbo naman ni Pinsan Bam na sa Liberal Party tumakbo, si P-Noy mismo ang nagtaas ng kamay. Walang delicadezang pinili ang sariling pinsan para tumakbo (at nanalo) sa harap ng probisyon ng Saligang Batas na bawal ang dynasty. Bagamat masasabing walang batas na nilabag (kasi nga walang batas na pumasa at papasa), tinalikuran ni P-Noy ang “spirit of the Philippine Constitution which he swore to defend, protect and uphold”. So bakit kunwaring anti-dynasty sha? Kasi galit sha sa mga dynasty ng mga kalaban nya sa pulitika para mabura silang lahat at mamayani naman ang dynasty ng pamilya at mga kaalyado nya.


Aquino backs anti-dynasty bill

benigno aquino 1

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III on Thursday expressed support for the Anti-Dynasty Bill, which seeks to stop members of the same family from wielding too much political power.

“Ako rin ho (pabor), lalo na ’pag ’yung, ’di ba, parang isang pamilya sa isang lugar ay nasa kanila na lahat—economic, political, kung minsan pati ’yung judicial pati ’yung sa security sector puro kamag-anak nila ay baka mahirapan tayong magkaroon ng tinatawag na malaya at saka makatotohanang halalan?” Aquino said during an interview over Bombo Radyo.

(I am also in favor of the bill, especially because having one family in an area where they control everything – economic, political, sometimes also judicial and security sector– may make it difficult to have free and honest elections.)

He said the Anti-Dynasty Bill has already been moving in Congress with Speaker Feliciano Belmonte saying he is in favor of it.

However, Aquino said the public should also realize that politicians should be pitied.

“Kapag pulitiko ka dapat bawasan ’yung karapatan mo, dapat mas mataas ’yung su-scrutiny sa’yo, di ba? ’Pag papanatili ng magandang pangalan, ’pag sa pulitiko ka, mali dynasty,” he said.

(If you are a politician, your rights should be reduced, the scrutiny is higher. If you are able to maintain a good name, for politicians, it is frowned upon and may be called a dynasty.)

On the other hand, he said children following the professions of their parents are not criticized.

“‘Pag kunyari sa medicine, nag-retire ’yung doktor mo, pumunta sa anak niya, una mong susubukan ‘yung anak niya,” he said.

(For example in medicine, if your doctor retires and his child inherits the profession, you go to his child.)

In the end, Aquino said what was important was that an Anti-Dynasty bill was being pushed in Congress and that it will expand and serve as the enabling law of the constitutional provision against political dynasties.

“Pag natapos ho nila ’yan, ako’y handang-handa pirmahan na po ‘yung batas na ‘yan,” he said.

(When they approve that bill, I will be very ready to sign that into law.)