LENI BBM – Take 2 in 2022

With presidential survey frontrunner Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, the presidential daughter, settling to run for vice president instead, the stage is set for a replay of the 2016 vice presidential contest between Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos but this time for the highest elective position of the land.

Former Congresswoman Leni beat former Senator BBM by a slight margin that dragged the subsequent electoral protest (for years) all the way up to the Supreme Court.

For the 2022 presidential race, FM Jr. (the son of his namesake former president and much reviled dictator) is leading widely in all surveys. It does not help the opposition that at least four big anti government names (Robredo, Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao and Ping Lacson) can not unite under one candidate to give them a better chance to win. On the President Duterte side of the contest, BBM has the support of significant numbers of DDS (Duterte Diehard Supporters) plus getting Inday Sara as his VP running mate in spite of the fact that Tatay Digong has fielded his alter ego, Senator Bong Go, to join the presidential derby. Senator Bong Go for president has adopted Inday Sara for his VP despite the situation in which she is in the BBM ticket.

Leni and FM Jr. have recently dominated mainstream media as well as the now preeminent social media (mostly Facebook) making it very difficult for the other presidential candidates to have their voices heard.

Be that as it may, the 2022 national elections are still many months away with the official campaign period to start in February, 2022 and the Presidential elections to be held in May, 2022. A lot of things can still happen. At the very least, from what has happened so far, the political exercise of the right to suffrage would be very exciting with all the twists and turns worthy of a blockbuster telenovela.

Palace/DOH investigate Novaliches District Hospital (QC Mayor Joy Belmonte is worst NCR CEO, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is best)

  1. PhilHealth Double Filing Case 2. Baby Switching 3. Expiring HIV and Drug Testing Kits 4. Unutilized Machines worth PHP 15 million pesos

qc joy sb hb

The Presidential Complaint Center endorsed a letter from Novaliches District Hospital employees alleging breach of warranties in a PhilHealth double filing case, a civil case involving alleged baby switching, misuse of funds of the Local Government in the purchase of laboratory machines that have remained unused and irregularity in the acquisition but non-utilization of HIV and Drug Testing Kits. The Department of Health would be conducting the investigation on the LGU owned NDH.

The then incoming Mayor of Quezon City Joy Belmonte was informed of the complaints against the incoming Medical Director (a certain Dr. Aldana) but the problematic physician was appointed nonetheless.  Said physician on his first day of office terminated 22 contract of service employees and consultants of NDH. Mayor Belmonte came out on record that there would be no firing, termination or non-renewal of contracts of city employees which contradicted the action of the medical director who caused the separation from service of the NDH personnel. Significantly, the power to fire and hire for the city is vested upon the mayor so the medical director acted without authority to do so.  Seven weeks after the easing out of the NDH employees, and even after the Office of the President ordered an investigation on the alleged illegal termination, the concerned employees remain unemployed.


Malacanang investigates Quezon City for Illegal Termination of employees and consultants

qc 2016 bistek joy yellows

The Office of President Duterte thru the Office of Executive Secretary Medialdea, on July 5, 2019, endorsed for evaluation and appropriate action the complaints of several concerned employees of the Novaliches District Hospital, managed by the local government unit of Quezon City.

Fifteen COS (contract of service) employees and seven consultants were unceremoniously informed on July 1, 2019 that their contracts would no longer be renewed. July 1 was the first day of office of senators, representatives, governors, vice-governors, provincial board members, mayors, vice mayors and councilors. In Quezon City, Mayor Joy Belmonte assumed office and her appointed Novaliches District Hospital Medical Director, with the name of a certain Doctor Aldana, also on his first day to return to that position, promptly issued walking papers to the twenty-two. Said memorandum of the Medical Director was in direct conflict to the pronouncement of the new mayor that no contract of service would be terminated.

Analysis: The Office of the Mayor of Quezon City proclaimed that it has the sole prerogative of hiring and firing as far as city employees are concerned. If that is the case, then on whose authority did the Novaliches District Hospital Medical Director issue the termination memorandum? A grave abuse of authority/discretion case against the Medical Director is a legal option available to the aggrieved parties. Aside from that, how come it has taken weeks to start an investigation to the detriment of hospital patients and services? In the same span of time the City of Manila has progressed by leaps and bounds under the able leadership of new Mayor Isko Moreno. On the other hand, Quezon City is being left behind on the garbage clearing and road obstruction (illegally parked vehicles and vendors taking over sidewalks and streets) fronts.


Top stories – Eco Warrior Gina Lopez Dies


CA rejects Gina Lopez as environment secretary

The decision comes after 3 confirmation hearings on the staunch environmental advocate’s ad interim appointment

May 03, 2017

PASSION. Environment Secretary Gina Lopez speaks during one of her confirmation hearings before the Commission on Appointments. File photo by Jasmin Dulay

PASSION. Environment Secretary Gina Lopez speaks during one of her confirmation hearings before the Commission on Appointments. File photo by Jasmin Dulay

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Appointments (CA) on Wednesday, May 3, rejected the ad interim appointment of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez after 3 confirmation hearings.

Rejection of a presidential appointee by the CA is rare in Philippine history. Once rejected by the CA, an appointee cannot be reappointed, unlike when the body bypasses an appointment.

It is also the CA’s second rejection of a Cabinet secretary appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte. The first was former Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr.

The back-to-back rejections are unprecedented.

During her first two confirmation hearings in March, lawmakers quizzed the passionate Lopez about her technical knowledge of the job as environment secretary.

This, after her controversial orders in February to close down or suspend mining operations in the country, and to cancel mineral production sharing agreements.

She also required suspended mining companies to give P2 million for every hectare of farmland affected by their activities, but this order she said is “almost moot and academic” because of the stay of execution issued by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

More recently, Lopez banned “prospective” open-pit mines in the country – a move questioned by the mining industry for excluding quarrying. Taysan, Batangas once it secures a permit from the provincial government.

But despite the controversial issues hurled against Lopez, President Rodrigo Duterte has thrown his support for her until the very end, even reappointing her twice after she was bypassed by the CA.

During Lopez’s last confirmation hearing on Tuesday, May 2, most of the questions were on her standards as environment secretary, and the legal basis of her recent decisions. – Rappler.com

QC politics – Mayor fires first shot for 2022 due to her own poor performance

qc joy sb hb

Quezon City Mayor Joy CONVENIENTLY FORGOT that during the Bistek Admininistration, most of the top JUICY positions in the city were (and still are) manned by loyalists of Sonny Belmonte, her father (the real powerhouse in QC even during the Bistek Administration), who was the mayor prior to Bautista. The newly elected QC mayor is currently suffering from a public relations DISASTER mainly to her being compared to the rock star new mayor of the city of Manila, Isko Moreno. She only has herself to blame for her infamous statement that she is running a MARATHON to explain her SLOW START in clearing garbage, illegally parked vehicles and vendors occupying sidewalks and streets as she was reacting to Mayor Moreno working quickly, decisively and effectively. Mayor Joy should also know that not only her political opponents in the last elections are against her since a large number of those who actually voted for her are DISAPPOINTED, DISMAYED and FRUSTRATED at her performance in office. In truth, pointing to Bistek as her tormentor only allows those against her to gravitate towards Herbert who could be her opponent in the mayoralty race in 2022 or he can possibly play KINGMAKER for someone else. By firing a shot across the bow too early in the game, Mayor Belmonte telegraphs her INSECURITY and possibly her incompetence and inability to take the initiative and actually prove to her constituents, including her detractors, that she was really the BEST CHOICE among the candidates. Unfortunately, with this latest interview, she once again demonstrated that she can TALK much more than she can DO (again, in comparison to Isko who keeps on doing with less talk). The DILAWAN (the yellow color of the Aquino Administration), DYNASTY (Belmonte family members and in-law in appointed and elected positions in QC) and BALIMBING (turncoat) issues hound the mayor but they could have been easily forgotten had she started on the right foot on day 1, July 1, 2019. Unfortunately, she, figuratively, is often caught with her FOOT in her MOUTH.



Bistek backed my opponent, says Joy Belmonte

GMA news
August 14, 2019  

Running mates when they first ran together for the top local positions in Quezon City in 2010, Herbert Bautista and Joy Belmonte’s political partnership gradually fell apart with the mayor supporting his vice mayor’s opponent in the last elections.

In an interview on “Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie”, the incumbent Mayor Joy Belmonte cited differences  in governance styles as the reason for the political split with the former local chief executive.

Belmonte said she eventually felt left out while serving as Bautista’s vice mayor.

“Sa unang termino po namin ni Mayor Herbert Bautista, tingin ko I was in because we were running mates,” Belmonte said.

“Kaya lang habang tumagal ang panahon, napansin po namin na magkaiba ang aming pananaw patungkol po sa aming mga trabaho,” she added.

“Kadulu-duluhan naghiwalay na kami, hindi na po ako ang kaniyang sinuportahan bilang mayor ng lungsod ng Quezon,” Belmonte said.

Asked who Bautista backed in the last elections, Belmonte said, “My opponent.”

While she didn’t name the other candidate Bautista supported, it was former Quezon City Representative Bingbong Crisologo who placed second in the 2019 polls.

Belmonte said there were moves inside city hall against her re-election in 2022.

“Siguro yung predecessor ko may mga tao pa siya na nandito na permanent na I was willing to work with because I’m not a vindictive person… pero baka ‘yung agenda nila ay pabagsakin ako, to make me look bad. There are moves for me to be a one-term mayor,” Belmonte said.

Still, Belmonte said that it was actually Bautista—not her father former Speaker Feliciano Belmonte—who encouraged her to enter the politics.

“It was Mayor Bautista that asked me to join. I was actually a teacher at the University of the Philippines. At that time, my father and Mayor Bautista were very close. Mayor Bautista was the vice mayor of my father for nine years,” Belmonte said.

“Mayor Bautista asked me to run with him because he thought it would help him to have a Belmonte as a running mate,” she added. —NB, GMA News



Manila Best – Moreno 87%, Quezon City Worst – Belmonte 65%, bagsak, DILAW dynasty kasi

Completing one month in office as newly elected city chief executives, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno took the country by storm by saying the right words and doing the right things. Clearing sidewalks and streets of garbage, vendors and improperly parked vehicles surprised the public in the speed with which the actions were done. In the adjacent Quezon City, Mayor Joy Belmonte looked tentative, indecisive and did a lot of convoluted talking trying to rationalize, making excuses and dilly-dallying instead of just doing what has to be done in accordance with the law.

Based on netizen reactions, comments and observations, Belmonte seems to have a credibility problem being viewed derisively as a Trapo (traditional politician) in spite of her relatively young age. It does not help that she comes from a family that has been in control of the city for decades and having many of her relatives in elected (congressman, councilors) and appointed (brother-in-law, cousin) positions. At a time when the ERAP dynasty fell in the national (two of his sons lost their senator run) and local (cities of Manila and San Juan) levels plus losses by many other dynasties in the whole country, the electorate seems to be weighing the negative effect of relatives managing cities and the country for decades.

Sample comments about the Quezon City Mayor

Joseroly Paulo – Pakitang tao lang yan. matagal na sa position mga yan wala namang ginagawa. gaya gaya kuno pa pogi point sa taong bayan
Danny Chan – Lip service lang yan , although maaga pa para sa campaign sa next election ! Epal !
Norma B Orimac – Pakitang Tao Lang Ang Mga Hinayopak Na Belmonte Instead Teach People On How To Establish Business Properly in a Legal Way Para Magkaroon Ng Magandang Business Ang Ginawa Ni Belmonte Puro pangako Hanggang Sa Pako sa ulo

Cezar Arcega – Wala busy si Joy Belmonte s pguukit ng initial nia n ilalagay s mga poste at signage dhil ang mga sinundan nia ung ama nia SB ung sumunod punggok n korap HB ngaun sakania JB mga trapo mayor nyo dyan s QC

Rowena Loquias – Mayor Joy Belmonte, look at Mayor Isko!!

Mylene Villanueva Boras Dto ako mismo quezon city walang sinabi ang                namamahala dto sa quezon city…
Mga corrupt…
Mga daan dto sa batasan ginawang tindahan ng muslim….
Kawawa ang mga tao halos wala ng daan ang mga over pass ang dumi…
Grabe din mga kawatan ultimo maliit na bahay pasukin at nakawan wala sila kinatatakutan dahil mahina ang governance…
Daming adik dahil ultimo mga kawani mga adik….
Paganda points lang si joy……

Andi Caneda – Mylene Villanueva Boras sana hindi nyo binoto yng c joy belmonte, sayang lng ang mga boto ng tao dyan s quezon city wala nmang gawa mayor nyo dyan para s pg unlad ng lunsod nyo

Mylene Villanueva Boras – Mam Andi Caneda hindi talaga…mantakin mo punahuli si sir bingbong na nanunuhol samantalng khit sya talamak din ang suhol niya….
Kainis dahil dto sa batasan talamak ang akyat bahay kahit may camera wala pa rin…

Melvin Pones – alam na duterte sampulan muna unahin muna c belmonte tangalin sa pwesto eh sayang lang pina sweldo nyu gobyerno wala namang ng yayari

Lone Lanmoc Opsibo – Walng kwenta si joy panay lng kwento walang aksyon masyado daw malaki ang q.c ang tanong ko bakit k ng major kong alam mong malKi pla bkit ndi mo gawan ng paraan ang mga problema panay k paganda lng ata mayorA

Miko Palabasan – Ewan kuba bat nanalo yan lagi nlang nag dadahilan

Nestor Diplon – Mula nuong pinatupad ang no parking sa mga gilid sa kalsada lalo na d2 sa market ng Tandang sora humina na din ang paninda namin😃😃😃,just saying,;pero maganda ng tingnan dahil malinis na ang kalsada at hinde na trapik😊

Ricardo Borja – pag inutil ang mayor nahahawa na mga pulis nagiging inutil na rin talamak ang mga vendor pag uwe ko ng madaling araw jan sa EDSA nagkalat pa rin

Virgilio De Jesus – Mayor joy,,ang quezon bridge may nag tatambak ng lupa sa kabilang pampang masasarhan an isang ilog sa may talayan village

Anthony Borabo – Napansin nyo rin ba?,ang nakita ko anong kulay sila?

Patrick Sulit – Quezon City po ako 36 years na, simula ng kay belmonte, tapos bistek, tapos belmonte ulit walang silbing pamamalakad. May mga bagong kalsada na lumalabas kaso nag eend up eh nagiging extension ng mga street vendors at tricycle terminal kaya baliwala din. Marami streetlights wala ilaw, kaliwat kanan ang mga rugby boy lalo na sa vicinity ng circle. Walang silbi talaga mga naging mayor mga nag payaman lang. Joy Belmonte imbistigahan dahil may mga inappoint na mga kamag anak, nepotisim! Papayaman lang mga gago tapos kung mga maka asta eh mga hari sila. Si bistek sa tagal ng naging mayor nagkaroon na ng Bistek Vill (village) hayop nga naman no? Kaliwat kanan mga poster sa mga waiting shed, basketball court, iba pang govt project na may nakasulat na – marami salamat “insert politiko name and picture here”. Ganyan kami sa quezon city, marami pondo, kaso sa bulsa lang ni mayor napunta.

Jayson Delantar Braga T***I*** mayor ng quezon city umupo lang wala manlang ginawa lalong lumala traffic dahil sa kabilat kanang parada mga vendors lalong dumami

Arnold Sangalang – Manila Kay yorme kois magaling wala ako masabi the best mayor .sa Q.C ay nako wlang pag asa dyan dami squatters dyan mag alaga pa kayo dyan wag nyo idimolis Yan para yang qc maging tambakan na NG basura hahaha

Miko Palabasan – Worst city in metro manila ay qc
Cire Canda – Sana Mayor Joy sinimulan mo muna gumawa bago ka ngumawa👊 Hwag mo sayangin mga boto namin sa QC. Always remember that you were elected as a LEADER not a “Boss”. Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example.
God bless po Mayor Joy!
Kathy Kaye – Maganda ang ginawa ni mayor Isko marami na ang gumaya. QC mayor tigas din ng face nya, kesyo malaki ang QC kaya mahirap ayosin.
Angelina Dang – Kathy Kaye ke malaki or maliit dapat gawin nila tungkulin sa bayan , kung kaya ni isko kya dapat nila
Gem Z Santillan – Angelina Dang wag natin ihinto pag comment about her, about JOY BELMONTE, e tax ng bayan pinambabayad dyan
Jun Dangue – Qc pa lang yan,ibg sbhin d kaya ni mayora ng mas mataas na posisyon??
Kathy Kaye – Palusot lang yan ni QC mayor parang c erap.
Albert Petalcorin – Dapat hindi nlang sya nag mayor..eh d pala nya kaya…kc malaki daw ang QC..ugok
Cezar Arcega – Walang kwenta mga naupong mayor jan s QC puro trapo walang alam gawin kundi mglagay ng initial s mga poste at signage ung ama SB yang bansot n korap din HB hintayin nyo mga tiga QC inuukit n ung JB 😄😁😀
Palabasan – Cezar Arcega oo puro my b as in buwaya sonny buaya hebert buaya joy buaya haha
Carter Eman – Nako mayor ng quezon tamad? Kamag anak siguro ni juan yan?
Edmund Mirasol sabihin na wais, hindi bobo ,matalino ang mga botante ng maynila, kesa taga quexon city? anong nangyari?
Nestor P. delos Reyes – Imbistigahan kagad ang mga yan dami cguro katarantaduhan ngyari dyan sa QC
Edmar Dela Cruz Jakosalem tapos na ang QC, di porket magaling ang tatay mo magaling ka na din 👊👊👊
Palogan Jr. Leopoldo – Mga dilaw yan
Mariefe Rivera – wala pala tong si joy tamad
Se Agapò – qc… tulog pa yorme namin. maulan.. wag daw po maingay😁
Rico Lopez – Pag nasuspend ang mayor ng QC alam na mga taga QC…hindi nyo suportado ang mayor nyo…ang tanong pano xa nanalo???
Nelson Recana – Ang qc maasahan mo ang mga politiko na ilagay ang face at name nila s mga tarpaulin kahit pera ng bayan ang ginagamit
Melissa Delgado – Ilegal demolisyun? Aksyunan nyo din. LALO na ang gumagalaw ay si PALMA HUDAS.
Jodi Turla – madali kasi mauto mga tao dito
DanTe Tabar Habijan – SA QC ayus na kalsada binobungkal para ayusin😆😆😆😆😆
Roger So Tiu – Bulok na corruption pa
Lourdes Mahinay – Pabebe lang ang mayor jan no action and no word


Joke Time: Dilawang Blogger (left) na nagpapanggap na BUWAYA (kongresman) huli sapagkat itsurang BABOY naman siya. Photo at right – Yellow social media Jover Laurio (previously allegedly involved with anti-admin demolition job which she claimed Kris Aquino funded)

lp borbon jover

3 nabbed over alleged extort try on Bong Go, Jolo Revilla

August 1, 2019

Three men who allegedly posed as a district representative and extorted money from a local government official were arrested by operatives of the Philippine National Police-Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG) in Malabon City.

Police on Thursday identified the suspects as Dennis Jose Borbon, 24; Edgar Paulo Bularan, 30; and Menard Bassa, 20. Borbon and Bularan were nabbed on Wednesday while Bassa was arrested in a separate entrapment operation on Tuesday in Camarines Sur.

According to authorities, the suspects posed as Camarines Sur 4th District Representative Arnulf Fuentebella and tried to extort money from Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla.

Fuentebella and Revilla asked for assistance from the operatives of PNP-ACG.

Police said one of the suspects called Revilla and introduced himself as Fuentebella. Citing information from Revilla, police said the caller claimed that he lost his wallet while on a travel going to Palawan and asked for P25,000.

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go was also supposed to be victimized by the suspects but the senator called Fuentebella to verify if he was really asking for money.

Seized from Borbon and Bularan were the following: one Oppo cellphone, one Starmobile cellphone, one micro sim card, 3 Globe prepaid  load cards, one Metro Bank debit card, four GCash card, one Commission on Elections (Comelec) identification card, one SM Advantage card, one Mineski Infinity card and one Happy Plus card.

The suspects will be facing charges for violating Section 4 (b) (3) of Republic Act 10175 (Identity Theft) and Article 315 Revised Penal Code (Estafa) in relation to Section 6 of RA 10175. —KBK, GMA News


‘Don’t believe a scammer’: Bam Aquino denies hiring ‘blogger’ to discredit Bong Go

Aika Rey, Rappler

August 01, 2019

‘Puwede ba tigilan niya ako sa mga kalokohan niya?’ former senator Antonio Trillanes IV tells Senator Bong Go, who also accused him of a ‘conspiracy’ against administration bets in the May polls based on the say-so of an alleged scammer

BELIEVE A SCAMMER? Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV rejects a scammer's claim that he hired him to conduct a social media 'demolition job' against Senator Bong Go. File  photo

BELIEVE A SCAMMER? Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV rejects a scammer’s claim that he hired him to conduct a social media ‘demolition job’ against Senator Bong Go. File photo

MANILA, Philippines – Former senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV on Thursday, August 1, denied hiring an alleged scammer for an online smear campaign against administration candidates in the recent elections.

Aquino was reacting to the claim of Senator Christopher “Bong” Go, who based his allegation on the say-so of alleged scammers police presented to the media on Thursday.

The alleged scammers – Dennis Borbon and Edgar Buluran – were arrested for posing as a congressman to solicit thousands of pesos from lawmakers and a vice governor.

In text message to Rappler, Aquino said that Borbon apparently wanted to change the narrative of the story to divert attention away from his crime.

“Kulang sa pansin itong si Borbon at malinaw na iniiba ang kuwento para makalimutan ang mga krimeng nagawa niya. Wala tayong kinalaman sa kanya,”Aquino said.

(Borbon wants attention and it’s clear that he’s trying to change the story so that people will forget the crimes he committed. We don’t have anything to do with him.)

During the briefing on Thursday morning, Go alleged that Aquino and former senator Antonio Trillanes IV were involved in Borbon’s “demolition job” against administration bets in the May elections.

Borbon then volunteered the information that he was an “anti-administration” blogger and claimed that he was hired by the chief of staff of Aquino to discredit Go and their allies.

He also alleged that he rendered his services to former Magdalo congressman and defeated opposition senatorial bet Gary Alejano.

Aquino warned against believing scammers.

“Huwag sana nating paniwalaan ang mga tao gaya ni Borbon na manloloko at nakasangkot sa mga scam (Let’s not believe people like Borbon that is a fraud and has been part of a scam),” Aquino said.

Like Aquino, Alejano also denied hiring Borbon, saying that his entire social media campaign was managed by professional volunteers. He said that his general rule is to “never resort to smear campaign”.

“May our government officials be more responsible in releasing information to the public especially if their source is a scammer,” Alejano said.

Meanwhile, Trillanes said that Go should stop hatching new conspiracies against him.

“Puwede ba tigilan niya ako sa mga kalokohan niya? Wala akong pakialam sa kanya (Can he spare me from his antics? I don’t care about him),” Trillanes said.

Since Go had not made a formal complaint based on Borbon’s allegations involving the opposition figures, Philippine National Police spokesman Brigadier General Bernard Banac said the police was not investigating the matter. – Rappler.com

QC Mayor – all talk, no action; NETIZENS react, comment

Garbage, vendors taking over sidewalks and streets, vehicles parked for weeks or obstructing traffic – almost a month into the new Quezon City administration and the problems still persist due to lack of political will and no action plan. Press interviews given by the QC CEO justify sloth by stating that public service is a marathon (meaning a slow start) and/or making excuses (QC is bigger compared to other Metro Manila cities thus would need more time) instead of simply doing her job and reporting about accomplishments for the past day or week. She also acknowledges that mainstream media and netizens have her on their sights (which may reflect a sense of disappointment in her performance to date).qc jb sidewalk

PHOTO: Sidewalk occupied by vendors during public market inspection.

Sample reactions by netizens:

  • Jimmy A. Villanueva – Sobrang lawak ng Quezon city iilan lang yong Park para sa mga bata at matatanda.
  • Inocencio Gonzales Jango – Walang Alam
    Kundi sa office Lang di mag ikot tamad na Mayor kasi anak mayaman na nag mayor pa para Lang magpayaman ng lalo??? Raket na sa isip sa tsura pa Lang baba kasi!!
  • Evelyn Reburiano Hindi ka deserved as a mayor tlagang ggulong parin ang sestema corrupt
  • Dodong Paler – (emoticon shedding tears)
  • Robert Q Llovia II – Asa pa kayo. Hehe
  • Quincy Canillo Nsa beauty parlor yata lage
  • Noriel Mazo Nero – Bwelo mayor. Change Q.C
  • Tic Zhon – dilawan din kasi mga isip nyan kakahiya
  • Edgar Macdon – baka bz lang naman kung papaanu sisimulan ang pangungurakut… Hahaha!!!!
  • Jovencio Manio – Naku yang yorme ng QC wala yan puro lang daldal yan magaling lang DILA
    Hernan Ybañez – Dami problima d2 sa QUEZON CITY malamya ang mga opisyales d2 mula sa Mayor to Brgy. chairman.
    • Top Fan
      Jeff Caballero – Hernan Ybañez pati ang dalawang bias network na nasa lungsod n’yo malamya rin..walang masabi sa mga opisyal ng QC..kasi kakulay nila..
    • Hernan Ybañez – Jeff Caballero sakto at dahil kakulay nila ang Mayor d2 hnd nila binabatikos.
    • Top Fan
      Jeff Caballero – Hernan Ybañez kami sa Marikina malaki din problema namin sa aming meyor..
      ayaw magpahinga..
      kahit linggo nagtratrabaho
      hatinggabi na nasa opis pa..
    • Hernan Ybañez – Jeff Caballero taga marikina din ako dahil taga marikina wife ko.D2 lang ako nakatira sa QC in 7 years dahil d2 ako nag work
    • Edbert Samar ang tanung bkit nio pa binuboto yan.cnu ba ang nagluklok jan…db?mga taga q.c rin….wlang pag babago pag nd cnu sonod ang presidente…
    • Regino Patiga – Edbert Samar ikaw ba naman bigyan ng ninoy……kaya yan ang ibonoto nila
    • Nick Pollescas Jumalon – Edbert Samar maki singit lang: dahil sa bigayan kaya binuto nila.. hehheheheh
    • Rey Bolos Sagario – Hahaha magtiis at wag kayo magreklamo kz cya ang binoto nyo tiis tiis lang kayo hahahaha
    • Top Fan
      Cezar Arcega – Yung mga umupong mayor ng QC walang alam gawin kundi mglagay ng initial s mga poste at signage ung ama SB ung sumunod HB ngaun ung anak wait nyo mga tiga QC mgkakarun ng JB 😀😁😄
      Onie Ragasa – Tama ang sabi mo james santos. Wala kasi yan pagkakaiba sa maynila. Msy buwanan din yan kagaya sa manila 5 million a day. Si mayor isko moreno kasi totoong serbisyo at totoong magtrabaho. Alangan naman gayahin ni isko ang mga naunang mga yorme na priority ang 5 million a day. Walang masamang gumaya. GAWIN MO RIN MAYOR NG Q.C Para naman mkabawi ka. Kasi kung ganyan mangyayari, sana hindi kana tumakbo,,,
    • Rafael Lamson – Walang will power ang mayor ng QC kasi dating dilawan yan. Kung Di niya kaya ang trabaho ipasa nlng niya sa vice mayor
    • Al Aris – Talsik iyan bago mag 2022 hindi titigilan iyan depensave hindi tinitingnan ang dapat at tamang paraan kaya hindi magtagal talsik iyan
    • Oyie Castillo Eleazar – Mayora baba k nlng s pwesto mo kundi mo kaya.. C mayor isko ang nabbagay s kinauupuan mo.. Isa k ding pabebe
    • James Santos – Hindi po kaya ayaw talaga tapusin ang problema sa illegal parkings at illegal vendors sa QC? . Dun yata may kita yung Tatay sa mga daily ingreso ng Cubao, Banaue Chinatown, Novaliches at Fairview Areas kung saan ang ingreso ng mga sindikatong may hawak ng illegal vendors at illegal parkings ay umaabot ng 3 million A DAY?
    • Bonn Llander Napagal – Alay nakausad na ang ilan ikay maguumpisa pa laang..anong pangdali naman yan joy.
    • Ephraim Pasion – Kung pede lng ipetisyon ang Mayor pra palitan or mapababa.. pipirma ako…sayang in araw..un mga ktbing lungsod ang bibilis kumilos un sa amin haha..mabagal n..maangal pa..malaki dw ang QC…abay matgal n gnyan yan. It means lng n un inutos ni duterte n IBLIK ANG DAAN SA MMYAN ay wla cyang plano dati n gawin yan..kung hndi lng cya na obliga haha..sana brgy chairman n lng tinkbo mo joy pra maliit lng nsskupan mo…kaso mayor eh…BEAR THE BRUNT!!!
    • Conson Pride – D na nga malutas lutas problema sa QC dumagdag pa tong hunghang na to🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
    • Ido Jr Almodiel – But cya tumakbo ng mayor if alam niyang masyadong malaki ang Quezon City at dna kaya gampanan trabaho niya?😡😡😡
    • Rha Garcia – mahilig kc sa vote buying tiisin ninyo ysn mga hangal na taga QC binabawi lang niya binayad sa inyo
    • Migo Cruz – Walang kwenta mayor namin na si joy nganga ang Q.C
    • Top Fan
      Cezar Arcega – Ang problema sainyong mga tiga QC walang matinong kandidato kaya npunta kau s lesser evil dpat next election may kumalaban kay Joy n may tunay n malasakit s bayan tulad ni Mayor Isko
    • Ramon A. Villa – She is not a PRO ACTIVE mayor…she should be in films where she can dramatize her role better than act like a mayor of QC. Its a pity the voters of QC voted a wrong person and for this they will suffer for 3 years under Mayor Joy Belmonte until she get kick out !
    • Vicente FV – Dipaman nag linis hingi agad ng palugit si meyora ,,,,si isko trabaho agad mabuhay isko
    • Noel Inciong – Mababa talaga.
    • Bamboo Rominez – Ipahiram si yorme sa QC😆
    • Heart Morres – Kaanak ata ni leny ito….kumilos ka puro ka si interview si smile!
    • Wilfred Magsayo Maglinte – Plagi ata kasi sumasabit ang baba kaya mabagal kilos.
    • Elleruj Lognot – Qc malala din dyan aha mas gusto kopa ngayon sa alinam…ehehhe
    • Peter Fred Lee – ayan sayang boto ng mga taga qc
    • Pj Descalzota – Hintayin nyo nlng ang 60days para malaman ng mayor nyo jn sa QC
    • Rafael Lamson – Mas mabuti magpatawag nalng kayo ng recall election Dyan.
    • Top Fan
      Jeff Caballero – Tindi komento ng mga taga-Quezon City..parang gusto n’yong ilaban ng palitan si Mayor Joy Belmonte.. me lumaban naman kaya..
    • Top Fan
      Pete Gilson – Walang ibang dapat sisihin kundi mga taga QC.. Pinapanalo nila yan e kaya accept the consequences.
    • Bom Bahi Kay – Palitan si belmonte hndi pla nya kaya…
    • Einon Co – satsat ng satsat boses ibon naman hahaha,,,,
    • Renjames De Raza – Basura sa quezon cty, naglipana ..walang mayor jan at mga brgy official,,
    • Raffy Villamor – Eto constructive Criticism lang. Galit pala si Du30 sa puro satsat, bakit sinama nya yan sa Partido nya?! Galit din sya sa Adik bakit sinama nya si HERO BAUTISTA na Adik sa HNP?! Realtalk lang tayo!
    • Ernesto Cadiz – Alagad nila Abnoy yan eh.
    • Papakonda Gnopma – Alam nanext election mga taga qc…
    • ابو نوف حابير احلوسلوك – Mag Election Nalang kayo Ulit Dyan Sa QC WALA KASING KWENTA ANG BELMONTE NA YAN😂
    • Leon Casauay Jr. – Duterte orders Año: Suspend mayors, governors refusing to clear public roads
    • Chard Yocada Soedrob – Anti duterte kc kase yang Mayora na yan papalitan din ni Bistek yn masmaayos na Mayor sau di hamak.
    • Rita Barbera – Related sila ni leni, nga nga
      Doon silang dalawa magaling
    • William R Lazaro –  if your city is big,so for sure you have enough manpower to facilitate what should be done.don’t make excuses mahiya k naman.if your doing what should be done Hindi k bibirahin ng media
    • Maria Polonan – Hindi yan marunong mag hawak ng walis
    • Remar G. Briones – Kasi maraming masasagasaan na xtra income nila kaya nakikiagos lang sa nakaugalian😁
    • Cire Canda – Ang kailangan namin sa Qc GAWA hindi NGAWA👊
      Hwag mo na kami TOLONGESIN!
    • Top Fan
      Rodolfo Jr David – Wala yan takot siguro mawalan kay Edi at Pati hahaha😂😂😂
    • Nivla Venice Kate Pejo – Parang pnoy lang. sinisisi lahat kay pgna
    • Leon Carlo Martinez – Akala ko parang c vp robredo hahaha
    • Top Fan
      Roger So Tiu – Puro corrupts lang ang alam ng Belmonte
    • Nelson Recana – Di kasi ninyo binoyo si bingbong kaya mag dusa kau now
    • Rommel M. Gonzales – Binoto nyo yan edi mag dusa kayo
    • Yusuf Germino – Lahat me kasalana maliban sa pamilya nya! Hmp
    • Ricky Lovino – Dapt kalampagin yn,, syang lng pinapasahod dyn,, galaw galaw yorme,, wla k pla power sa nsasakopan mo
    • Joel Juros – Ewan q bkit nanalo yan mayora n yan walang silbi ..pwe..
    • Top Fan
      Lita S. Segovia – Mas ok parin pala dito sa Caloocan 😊
    • Ronald Raymundo – dapat pala nag nag chairwoman kna lng ng barangay para maliit ang nasasakop
    • Yle Azelaer – Kawawang QC nagkakaalaman kung sino mga walang silbi na opisyales ng gobyerno.
      QC cubao basura

Viral – Vivian Velez QC Cubao Garbage Post

86,318 People Reached *** 14,775 Engagements *** 158 Likes *** 89 Comments *** 550 Shares in a single Quezon City FB page alone

Marami ang nagtataka kung bakit sa pagsikat ng Lungsod Maynila sa bagong pamumuno ni Mayor Isko Moreno at tila NAPAGIIWANAN naman ang Lungsod Quezon na may bago ring alkalde. Basahin ang mga kumento ng ilang taumbayan. FYI – Bumaha ang pera sa QC nuong nakalipas na halalan.


QC cubao basura

Dam Jo – Lahing Belmonte ,naku po wala yan ala Estrada din yan ,pansariling kapanan lang. Unang aasikasuhin ng Mayor Belmonte yan ,like Father,like son ,like daughter, pag papayaman muna bago ang tao at bayan. ,,
Eric Makiling – iisa lng ang ISKO MORENO…….maswerte ang mga MANILENYO….MABUHAY SI MEYOR ISKO…..
Narcelito Pruel – Yong mga bomoto Kay joy belmonte sa QC kayo na po ang mag kusang gumawa ng maka bubuti sa lunsod total mga nabayaran at naki nabang naman kayo.
Bella Arcilla – Ang kalinisan ng isang lugar ay hindi laging nakasalalay sa Mayor, dapat sa mga disiplinadong mamayan.
Javier Asgardian Thor – NSA parlor pa ung mayor nagpaapganda
Jeffrey P Fernandez – Kawawa qc napag iwanan na trapo at dilawan pa din kc ang mayora


Inocencio Gonzales Jango – Paupo upo Lang mayor ng QC walang binatbat Kay Mayor Isko !! Magulo Cubao dami loko at marumi
Julius Anunciado – Kung si bingbong Crisologo ang nanalong mayor ng qc posible pa na may pagbabago
Jase Benmar – Ung qc wala padin kwenta ung mayor nila sana mag karoon ng mayor na gaya ni mayor ISKO
Quincy Canillo – Natutulog pa sa pancitan mayor ng qc
Thom Gina Nicodemus – P*****ina bulok ang mayor dto sa qc pati chairman walang ginagawa kwawa nman kmi d2 ang kalsada puno ng ilegal parking ang bangketa puno ng vendor yung kapatid ng dating mayor adik pala artistang sugapa sa bato,
Claro Palisoc – Disiplina din yan walang kusa ang mga tao diyan. Sense of social responsibility.
Agustin Cordoba – Isumbong sa baranggay chairman sa area tungkol sa mga basura
Aco See Oquir – Bc pa po Sa pag lilinis ng kaban ng lungsod 😂
Alma V. Nucum – Kung nasaan man ang Mayor ng QC hey lumabas ka sa opisina mo! Magtrabaho ka gaya ni Isko! Goodluck sa mga bobotante na bumoto sa kanya haha
Jeffpoi La Canone – Ito ang klase sa mga taong ANG GOBYERNO NA BAHALA JAN.. ung tipong ayaw tulungan ang bansa sa pag unlad. Aasa na lang palagi sa gobyerno.
Papz Ollirabas – Kahit sinong Mayor kong ang mga tao mismo ay talagang walang disiplina…
Run-d Salnac – Baka gusto nyo I hire mayor ng manila…pasig o Valenzuela ..Para turuan si belmonte kung paano maging mayor
Lita Gersani – Nasaan ang mayor ng Quezon city. Bakit ni isang balita wala akong nababalitaan sa knya. Bakit ang dumi ng lugar nia
Henry Roy Santos – Mayor joy belmonte mag trabaho ka nman kapal ng muka mo parang walang mayor ang quezon city,
Allan Mario Torrion – Meron n kaso mas inuuna ung bulsa kc malaki gstos nung halalan
San Cho Viñas – Ang swerte Ng Manila Kay yorme isko Lodi….harapn Ng qmart nktmbk basura…
Bong Bobong Deleon – Pinang iisipan kung hahati ang budget , ang vice mayor sotto hindi makaporma no say , nahihiya sa pinsan sa pasig
Sean Estinor Kya s susunod wag ng iboto ang kmganak ng dting nkaupo dhil preho lng ng tkbo ang ggwin ng mga iyan
Narcelito Pruel Wag na tayong Umasa pa Dahil maraming tangang bomoto Kay babalu.
Raffy Villamor – Partida ang Yorme namin dito sa QC kaalyado pa ng Admin. HNP pa yan ah! Hilig sa sosyalan pero walang ginagawa!
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting
Kevin dela Cruz – Ewan koba sa mga taga QC dpa sumubok ng bago mayor haha mahiya naman kau sa kalapit bayan nyo panay trabaho sila kau pasarap buhay lang antay sahod at padulas lang 😂😂😂
Bong Domingo – Walang kwenta mga nanalong opisyales jan sa cubao puro pasarap lng ang alam at kurakot. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay buti pa ang pangulo natin may isang salita ..
Allan Galolo – Pano pinipili pa nila nabubulok o hndi mas sanay tayo mag tambak na pag may basura na kaya di nila kinukuha lhat.
Rey Paran – Bobo kasi mga botante magtiis kayo ngayon ng anim (sic) na taon
Joey P. Elli Jr. –  Ilang termino si bistek ganyan parin, bago na nakaupo mag ama na ito hehehe galaw galaw na dapat ang Q.C. wag naman sa diyaryo at tv lang mabango.. Umaalingasaw nang matagal e!
Luis Monteverde – Haha.. Wala naman pagbabago sa qc. Dami pa agency na scammer jan


Katie Beth – Nag iinstagram pa at nag t twit kc ung mga taga Facebook bihira lang mamasyal dun
ボオセリス武来安 – Tatay lang nagdala kea nanalo nun botohan.. Pero un anak..inutil 😂corrupt😂
Philz Guclicas – mag umpisa yan mismo sa tao… pasa way din ang mga nakatira jan…. kadiri
Reyes John Rafael daanin na lng kayo sa pangiti ngiti nyang c joy belmonte 😂😂😂 kala mo may sayad 😂
Renante Socobos – Wag kang istorbo nakabaon pa c mayor hahaha
Lyndon Bautista – Joy belmonte! Ano masasabi mo sa pose nato?? Hehehe!😀
Al John S. Magsumbol – Sus, sa KUTIS pa lang nya, PARANG DI NASISIKATAN NG ARAW!!! bobotantepamore
Owen Harjie Partible Chua Eh binoto-boto nyo eh, magsisihan kayo ngayon.
Demet Pascual – 0 ung mga bumoto kay joy ipagtanggol nyo na mayor nyo!
Edwin Yap Chavez Dapat masubukan sampalin 😂 parang walang mayor jan ah hihihi
Rodolfo Aguinea Araneta – Nakita mo na bat di mo dinampot, Tapos nagrereklamo ka
Dionicia Ignacio – Dapat lumabas s aircon n opisina ng mkita pligid
Moses Zabanal – Busy magpa epal


Isko Cabian E P*****ina certified oligarchs Na Taeng Dilaw Syndicate member ang P*****ina mga Belmone Na yan walang pakialam ang mga P*****ina mga yan bumalimbing na nga ang mga demonyong yan para manatili sila sa politiko estrada style din ang mga P*****ina pamilyang yan
Sebastian Eglesias Inutil… mga kalye ginagawa lang parking lot.. buset.!!!!!
Bhimboy Bautista –Bkt nyo pa binoto.hahahaha
Nez Etraud – Tama talaga ang dumi ng cubao
Meg Simone – Si mayora

Survey – Duterte 85%, Moreno 85%, Robredo 55% and Belmonte 65%

President Duterte recieved an 85% approval rating in the latest Pulse Asia survey covering the Second Quarter of 2019. This poll covers the last period for the first half of a six year term that started on July 1, 2016. Vice President Robredo had an approval rating of 55% by the same survey firm and same time frame. On the local front, new Metro Manila mayors that started office last July 1, 2019 also got approval ratings, this time from the DDS, with Manila Mayor Isko Moreno getting the best score of 85% while Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte got the worst score at 65%. Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto got an approval rating of 85%.

PHOTO: 2016 file pic. Belmonte has since jumped over from the YELLOW camp of Robredo, Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino to the Duterte side.


qc joy leni

85% of Pinoys trust Rody – Pulse Asia


Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) July 18, 2019

MANILA, Philippines — Eighty-five percent of Filipinos continued to express trust in President Duterte and approved of his performance, Pulse Asia said in its second quarter survey.

Duterte’s approval rating, however, slid by two percentage points from 87 percent in March 2019 to 85 percent in June 2019.

Those who disapproved of the President’s performance dropped a point from four percent to three percent.

The remaining 11 percent of Filipinos were undecided with regard to Duterte’s performance – up a point from 10 percent.

The survey was conducted on June 24-30, with 1,200 adults aged 18 and above nationwide as respondents.

On the other hand, those who don’t trust Duterte fell by a point to four percent. Indecision with regard to Filipinos’ trust in Duterte stayed at 11 percent.

“Presidential performance and trust ratings remain essentially unchanged between March and June 2019,” Pulse Asia said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Leni Robredo obtained an approval rating of 55 percent, up six points from 49 percent in March.

Robredo’s disapproval rating fell from four percent to three percent. The number of undecided also went down from 29 percent to 21 percent.

Robredo’s trust rating also improved five points to 52 percent from 47 percent in March.

Distrust in her, however, rose from 23 percent to 26 percent. Indecision toward the Vice President’s trustworthiness was unchanged at 11 percent.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III got the biggest improvement in approval score from 65 percent to 77 percent.

Sotto’s disapproval rating fell a point to seven percent in the second quarter. Those who were undecided dropped from 27 percent to 16 percent.

Sotto’s trust rating also increased to 73 percent from 61 percent.

Distrust in him, however, rose by a point to seven percent, while the undecided dropped from 32 percent to 21 percent.

Then Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s approval rating rose four points to 26 percent in June.

Disapproval of Arroyo’s work declined from 51 percent to 47 percent, while the number of undecided rose to 27 percent from 26 percent.

Trust in the speaker also improved from 19 percent to 22 percent, while distrust in her fell from 54 percent to 49 percent.

Those who could not say whether or not they trust the former president increased by three points to 29 percent. – With Paolo Romero


HIV AIDS Philippines – young males predominate, men having sex with men main cause

HIV/AIDS infection in the Philippines might be low but growing. The estimated incidence of HIV/AIDS in the country remains under 0.1% of the total population in 2015. The Philippines has one of the lowest rates of infection, yet has one of the fastest growing number of cases worldwide. The Philippines is one of seven countries with growth in number of cases of over 25%, from 2001 to 2009.

Cases are concentrated among men who have sex with men. HIV cases among men having sex with men multiplied over 10 times since 2010. HIV cases are getting younger.

The first case of HIV infection in the Philippines was reported in January 1984.

From Wikipedia
hiv aids
Philippines posts 100 new HIV cases
Mayen Jaymalin (The Philippine Star)
July 15, 2019 

MANILA, Philippines — At least a hundred more people have been tested positive for HIV or human immunodeficiency virus, which they acquired through paid sex, the Department of Health (DOH) reported over the weekend.

Data from the HIV/AIDS Registry of the Philippines showed there were 114 new HIV infections recorded in April as a result of “transactional sex.”

Of the figure, 98 percent or 112 of those who acquired the virus due to paid sex were males aged 17 to 62 years old.

All of the 52 cases of those who paid for sex and acquired HIV were males.

The DOH said 42 of those who accepted payment for sex were males and only one was female.

According to the DOH report, transactional sex accounted for 14 percent of the newly diagnosed cases in April.

People who engage in transactional sex are those who pay for sex, regularly accept payment for sex, or do both.

From January to April, there were 529 cases of people who acquired HIV after engaging in transactional sex.

The new cases brought to 6,596 the total number of people who tested positive for HIV after engaging in paid sex since December 2012.

Last week, the DOH issued the implementing rules and regulations of the new HIV and AIDS Policy Act, which is meant to effectively address the growing HIV epidemic in the country.

The DOH said 36 new HIV infections are recorded daily. Most of the cases belong to 15 to 24 age bracket.