Poll Survey: Please vote. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Most PAID and BIASED surveys have 4,000 respondents (previously 1,200). We are calling on each and every one to vote (more than 8,000 answered as of the time of this edit). #Halalan2016

It is CRUNCH TIME. A race to the finish. TRAILING candidates are DESPERATE for a final SURGE. Fourth running (tied far behind for third in some surveys) Mar Roxas exploded a PhilHealth bomb in the third Presidential Debate but the bomb exploded in his face when front runner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte retorted with the famous line “If the Filipino people believe you, how come you are trailing far behind in the surveys?”. Now we have a bank account issue, obviously exposed to influence undecided voters or “soft” voters for Digong who may still be prone to change their minds. Of course, no one is mentioning that the bandwagon effect can have an equal effect on Poe, Binay and Roxas supporters who may change their minds on the last minute on the basis of a Duterte IMPENDING VICTORY. #Duterte2016 #MarRoxas #ZeroVotesForMarRoxas #ZeroVotesForLP #StarWars








23 thoughts on “Poll Survey: Please vote. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

  1. Kahit ano gawin nila wala ng maniniwala sa kanila.kaya humanda ka trilliones sa maling attack mo..sabi nga nila nasa bayag ka palang ng tatay.mo abugado na si Sir Duterte..ngayon alam.muna ang katangahan mo.sir Duterte is best in stratedy ..kasi nga abugado sia he knows the law kajit tulog sia…..

  2. There is no way for us Duterte’s supporters to change our minds .we journeyed long and though roads to let our voice be heard, that we need a leader that can rule out country with strong determination and love of the country above all not for making so much money out of people’s expense..

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  5. Attack pa more! Siraan nyo pa si Digong para lalong umangat ang rating nya.

  6. DU30 na magsama sama tayo para sa pagnabago

  7. That is how it is.noong si Dr.Jose Rizal ay nagsulat para sa bayan naalog ang pamahalaang espanyol.gaya din ngayon naalog ang pamahalaang aquino sa pag sibol ni duterte.bakit kaya

  8. go…go…goooo! duterte for the win…mabuhay president duterte!!!

  9. Duterte is the win for PRESEDENT tunay na pagbabago

  10. Duterte More High Pa! ^_^

  11. To all opponents of Mayor Duterte! No amount of Black Propaganda can ever change the mind of the Filipino masses. This is Duterte’s Phenomenon! Duterte is only the last hope and last card of this country. It’s “Now or Never “

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  15. Yeahh..>Soar High Du30…Du30Philippines

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  17. go du30 for the win

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