Netizens BASH Mar Roxas Political Ad

Prior to social media, candidates simply flooded newspapers, radio and television with their self-serving ads confident in the belief that their STUPID productions would be swallowed hook, line and sinker by a GULLIBLE voting public. Not anymore. Voters are using the DISLIKE button to express their anger and frustration. LIKE LIKE LIKE —–>>>>> LIKE LIKE LIKE —–>>>>>

The effect of this is somewhat of a level playing field with relatively poorer candidates having a chance to get their side heard through free Internet services while rich candidates can be LAMBASTED and OSTRACIZED to the point of having a NEGATIVE effect on their expensive marketing productions.


#Halalan2016 #Elections2016 #ZeroVotesForLP #ZeroVotesForMarRoxas




mar dislikes 8537

3 thoughts on “Netizens BASH Mar Roxas Political Ad

  1. Pagod na ang mamamayang Filipino sa mga politikong corrupt kaya #Duterte2016

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