Comelec votes 6 – 1 to ACCEPT Duterte SUBSTITUTION

The Presidential campaign of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte went up another notch as Digong got the nod of the poll regulatory body to substitute as candidate for the county’s Chief Executive position. National elections will be held on May 2016.

Mayor Duterte did not file to run for President up to the expiration of the October 16, 2015 last day for filing of the Certificate of Candidacy (COC). The next hurdle for Mayor Duterte would be to fight a DISQUALIFICATION case which is basically about the same issue of SUBSTITUTION with the complainant stating that Martin Dino (the Barangay captain that Duterte is supposed to replace) committed an error since the position he filed for is for Mayor of Pasay City (Dino is a registered voter of Quezon City) and not for President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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Comelec accepts Duterte’s COC

Posted at 12/17/15 11:49 AM

MANILA – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Thursday announced that it has accepted the certificate of candidacy of Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

In a press briefing, Comelec chairman Andres Bautista said the Comelec’s full bench (en banc), voting 6-1, ”resolved to acknowledge and accept the COC for president of Rodrigo Duterte, being a ministerial function of the commission.”

Bautista clarified that the resolution ”is entirely without prejudice to the pending disqualification case” filed by broadcaster Ruben Castor.

Castor earlier petitioned the Comelec to nullify Diño’s COC and render Duterte’s substitution for the latter invalid.

Castor argued that Duterte cannot substitute for Diño, PDP-Laban’s erstwhile presidential bet, because he wrote in his COC for president that he is running for the position of Pasay City mayor.

The Comelec’s first division is set to conduct a hearing on Castor’s petition tomorrow, December 18.

One thought on “Comelec votes 6 – 1 to ACCEPT Duterte SUBSTITUTION

  1. XHow could a candidate to be invalidated with an invalid COC as in a ‘null’ candidate and COC could substitute legitimately another when the facts of his candidacy and COC shoud be void??

    Excerpt commentary,

    How did duterte merit a legit candidacy lawfully logically please Comelec?

    How can provisions of a legal instrument such as COC, a Contract by nature automatically be still biding and in effect when the candidate withdrew and the COMELEC accepted the withdrawal thereby the COC has been nulled?
    How could there be lawful extension to candidate substitution when there was no legality perhaps for a reinstatement of the COC that was voided?

    The party has no right at all without a valid biding legal instrument. Thats the argument, legal instrumentalities as due legal procedures are not by arbitrary creation or violation of even officers of comelec. Dinio withdrawal was Oct 29 and Duterte decision to accept was Nov 27 when Poe was sure to be DQD. There is a violation of time dependent COC legal procedures somewhere in between.

    Kailangan pa ba ng galing dun? Hindi valid un main signatory at void un kontrata naka-call pa ng substitute ayon sa kontrata na supposed to be ay null in essence and void.

    At tsaka kung mismo ang comelec na ang nag accomodate sa palakasan anu na?

    So it may in effect that the candidacy of Duterte is without a COC application or without a valid application therefore.

    Well tignan na lang natin, but i think duterte may possibly be the dark horse mole tool of yellow and foreign neoliberalism that may fragment and balkanize our nation contrary to what most hopes. The yellow regime has been trying to install people with some sort of illegitimacy in Government in the likes of iqbal, Poe and now duterte, this is suspect and we should be wary, because parang ang aim is anarchy to the law and order of our nation.

    ang pov logic is a COC must be valid and the candidate is accepted as a valid candidate and signatory, a legal requisite to avail of legitimate substitution or for that matter any benefit provision for a legitimated candidate.

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