Comelec 1st division disqualifies Poe from 2016 presidential race

Senator Grace Poe was disqualified by the Comelec 1st Division by a vote of 2 – 1. The next step would be an en banc Comelec vote. Five of the seven commissioners have already voted against her (because she lost 3 – 0 in a related case in the 2nd Division), while one voted in her favor (in this 1st Division vote). Thus, only the vote of the Chair has not been revealed but it can not alter the outcome (unless some of those who previously voted to disqualify change their minds). Then there is the Supreme Court route. The issue of whether her name would be included in the ballot also has to be resolved. If yes, then her name would be attached with an ASTERISK (*) to mean that a protest is still in process. She may win the May 2016 elections and still be DISQUALIFIED by the Supreme Court. Suffice it to say that if her name is not included in the ballot, then she can not be voted upon.

The cloud of UNCERTAINTY will test the drawing power of Grace who topped the 2013 Senatorial race. Her greatest problem is the entry of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the Presidential derby. Grace was the survey leader for many months before the on again – off again Davao mayor finally decided to throw his hat in the political ring. The most recent surveys have now put Digong as the survey front-runner. From a nearly constant 15% of the voting population that sided with Duterte during the months when there was no assurance of a Duterte Presdential run,  Digong now has 38% of the votes while Grace lost her high 30s to low 40s in terms of voter preference and is now in the mid 20s range. This can only mean that Duterte got most of his increase in acceptance from the formerly Poe voters. Duterte and Poe are relatively new comers in the national scene while Vice President Binay and former Senator Roxas have been in the limelight for years. Both Binay and Roxas are considered as TRAPOs (or traditional politicians) with the nation showing signs of FRUSTRATION on how things are in the Philippines, which merely means that there is a CLAMOR for CHANGE which both Poe and Duterte represent.

A Comelec en banc loss plus the prospect of a long legal battle in the Supreme Court (which may end AFTER the 2016 elections – after Poe has won or lost) is too heavy a burden to pass on to Poe supporters so only the heavily committed (to her) may stay with her on Election Day while her “soft” supporters may seek other options with Mayor Duterte as the greatest beneficiary of formerly Poe votes. It would be too easy for Duterte campaigners to say that a vote for Poe could be a WASTED vote (assuming she wins the elections BUT is DISQUALIFIED with FINALITY by the Supreme Court)

2016 top 1234

2016 Presidential surveys front-runner Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is with now Comelec-troubled (DISQUALIFIED) Senator Grace Poe (currently number 2 in surveys) and Vice President Jejomar Binay in third place. Former DILG Secretary and President Aquino ANOINTED ONE Mar Roxas is in fourth.

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Comelec 1st division disqualifies Poe from 2016 presidential race

December 11th, 2015

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) first division has disqualified Sen. Grace Poe to join the 2016 presidential elections.

In a 2-1 vote on Friday, Comelec voted to cancel Poe’s certificate of candidacy (COC).

The Comelec ruled in favor of petitions filed by University of the East College of Law Dean Amado Valdez, former Sen Francisco Tatad and De La Salle University Professor Antonio Contreras.

Poe’s legal counsel lawyer George Garcia said the senator has been informed of the decision.

Garcia said they would file a motion for reconsideration on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

The Comelec second decision has earlier disqualified Poe from running for the highest position in the country in the 2016 elections.

The Comelec first division ruled on the petition filed by lawyer Estrella Elamparo, which seeks to disqualify Poe on the ground that she failed to satisfy the required 10-year residency provided in the Constitution. With reports from the Tina Santos, Philippine Daily Inquirer/RAM


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