Golden State Warriors Again Favored to Win the 2015 NBA Title

The Golden State Warriors were favored to win the 2015 NBA title based on their regular season record at the start of the Championship Series. However after a difficult win that had to go to overtime in Game 1 and a loss, again in overtime in Game 2, the Warriors lost home court advantage. So when Golden State lost Game 3, the Cavs had a statistically better chance to bring home the 2015 NBA trophy. With a runaway victory in Game 4, the Warriors regained the home court advantage since Games 5 and 7 (if necessary) would be played in Golden State court. Aside from the home court advantage, the Warriors would be facing a decimated, injured and tired Cleveland team. The only factor that can surprise the Warriors would be if the seldom used Cleveland bench is finally utilized and come up with a credible (or spectacular) performance. Of course Lebron James is expected to perform better than his Game 4 output (considering that his first 3 games were outstanding and record-setting).

2015 NBA Finals - Curry (Golden State) versus James (Cleveland)

2015 NBA Finals – Curry (Golden State) versus James (Cleveland)

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