NBA Finals Game 5: Do or Die for Cavs

Playing away from home, the Cavs are at a distinct disadvantage considering that most of their players are either out for the Finals due to injuries or would have to be hurting when they play in the crucial Game 5. Down to a maximum of 3 more games for the Championship, the Game 5 winner would obviously want to be declared champion by Game 6 (to be played in Cleveland). Lebron James had his poorest performance in the Series in Game 4 considering that his team desperately needs his A Game every time they play. Tired, battered and hurt, the Cavaliers are showing signs of fatigue. The Golden State Warriors on the other hand are healthy although they had major lapses (lack of drive and grim determination to get the job done) in Game 3

2015 NBA Finals - Curry (Golden State) versus James (Cleveland)

2015 NBA Finals – Curry (Golden State) versus James (Cleveland)

. With their backs to the wall after trailing 1 – 2, the Warriors bounced back with a vengeance in Game 4 and dominated the Cavs in the most lopsided game of the Championship Series. So it will be the superstar Lebron with his injury-plagued Cavs against Season MVP Curry and his sweet shooting Warriors.

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