Justice Secretary De Lima Freezes Investigation of Second Batch Senators in PHP 10 Billion Napoles Pork Barrel Fund Scam

senators 6After months of stating that the second batch of senators for persecution in the PHP 10 Billion Napoles Pork Barrel Fund Scam is in process, now here comes Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to contradict herself and declare that there will be no second batch of senators to be indicted (at least while she remains as Justice Secretary). The Department of Justice is simply too busy to attend to such trivial matter. After all what is a few hundred millions of pesos of public funds going to the pockets of senators, congressmen and congresswomen, plus heads and top officials of the line agencies of the Executive Department. Such an announcement was long predicted by conspiracy theorists that have always maintained that the current administration’s Tuwid na Daan (Straight Path) is just a fancy term that means nothing at all. Actually Tuwid na Daan means Justice in such issues as grand scale graft and corruption which is why sitting senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla are now in jail for PLUNDER. The only problem is that the Tuwid na Daan’s concept of JUSTICE is, in truth, SELECTIVE JUSTICE. Perish the thought of a blindfolded Lady Justice holding court and passing judgment on the poor and the almighty, the well connected and the social outcasts, the professionals and the uneducated.

So who are now getting away scot-free? Senators Bong Bong Marcos, Loren Legarda and Tito Sotto are sleeping better these nights. All three had very prominent roles in the Napoles NGOs involving hundreds of millions of pesos.  Senator Gringo Honasan (of PhilForest fame) also dodged the PLUNDER BULLET. The lesson here is that political opponents of the Aquino Administration go to jail while allies laugh all the way to the bank. Sometimes it does not pay to steal in the Philippines (ask JPE, Jinggoy and Bong) but sometimes CRIME DOES PAY (just ask Bong Bong, Loren, Tito and Gringo).

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