Yellow Netizens Firm on Mar Roxas for President

Despite consistent and persistent poor performance in popularity and acceptance surveys, Mar Roxas is far and away the only viable Presidential candidate for 2016 according to Yellow Netizens. This small but vocal segment of the Philippine population is rabidly pro Aquino Administration and considers P-Noy as the best President our country ever had. Among their ranks too is the call for another six years for P-Noy as leader of the land. The Philippine Constitution only allows a single six year term for Presidents so for P-Noy to run for a second term in 2016 needs a Constitutional amendment. Well, if Batman P-Noy can not run next May, then who but Robin Mar should head the Liberal Party ticket. News about some Liberal Party members toying with the idea of adopting Senator Poe as Presidential candidate does not faze the loyal Liberal Party base. Yellow Netizens are banking on the Ombudsman and/or the Justice Department to make life miserable for frontrunning Vice President Jojo Binay. In the Liberal Party wish list are a number of scenarios: Jojo Binay in jail, Jojo Binay suspended as Vice President, and Jojo Binay resigning his cabinet position. It is the view of the Yellow Netizens that a gravely weakened, battered and staggering Binay would somehow find a way for Mar Roxas to win the Presidency.

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