Liberal Party – WISHFUL THINKING for 2019 Senatorial Elections

The Liberal Party, together with opposition allies, is aiming for 8 out of the 12 contested senatorial seats for 2109. Since there were 4 LP senators elected for six year terms in 2016, that would add up to 12 (for 2019 – 2022) which is one-half of the available Senate slots. It seems like WISHFUL THINKING on the part of the badly discredited Liberal Party (if poll surveys are to be believed). Popular re-electionist senators (Koko Pimentel, Cynthia Villar, Nancy Binay, Grace Poe, JV Ejercito and Sonny Angara) would be running under the Administration PDP Laban and/or Hugpong ng Pagbabago (of Sara Duterte). Loyal Duterte supporters led by Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte (although the Presidential daughter still denies aiming for national office in 2019), PCOO Asec Mocha Uson, SAP Bong Go and PNP’s Bato De La Rosa would vastly improve the chances of the Administration candidates winning 8 or more Senatorial seats (thus reversing the Liberal Party prediction).

It is customary in Philippine elections for the opposition candidates to dominate mid-term (non-presidential) elections but at this stage of the ball game, with the 2019 polls scheduled in May, President Duterte still enjoys high acceptance ratings which should rub off on his Senate line-up. The opposition has a little over a year to ratchet up the fireworks but they have, so far, failed to dent the Duterte popularity among the vast majority of the Filipino electorate.


hugpong mocha sara bato bong 2


Pangilinan pushes for ‘strong’ opposition coalition in 2019

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan has pressed for a “strong” opposition coalition in 2019 that would unite, among others, against alleged extra judicial killings (EJKs) and human rights abuses in the country.

“Democracy demands dissent. We need a strong opposition to ensure that our democracy remains vibrant,” Pangilinan, president of Liberal Party (LP), said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

The LP, he said, hopes to help build the “broadest coalition of groups and individuals united behind defending our freedoms and our civil and political rights.”

“We hope this coalition is one in ensuring our economic development is not sidelined by corruption and human rights violations,” said the senator, “Resistance is our movement. We must vigorously resist the slide to authoritarianism and anti-democratic rule.”Pangilinan clarified that the LP would only help build this coalition, which was dubbed as the “Resistance Coalition.”

“LP alone cannot achieve this and we will need to work with other groups and forces willing to unite and to resist extra judicial killings and human rights abuses, the undermining of our sovereignty in the West Phil Sea and the continuing rise of prices of basic commodities among others,” he said in a text message.

“A resistance coalition rather than an LP coalition is what needs to be realized,” he added.

Pangilinan refused to provide more details on the coalition while talks are still ongoing.

It was Senator Bam Aquino, an LP member, who earlier raised the need for a “genuine” opposition slate that he said should be willing to oppose and stand up against government policies damaging to people.

“If you ask me, in 2019, there’s a need for a genuine opposition slate. Kailangan ng mga taong magsasama-sama, magtutulong-tulong para labanan ang polisiya ng administrasyon na nakakasakit sa tao. And I think you will find me on that slate,” Aquino said in a television interview on Monday.        kga

By: Maila Ager – Reporter / @MAgerINQ March 27, 2018
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One thought on “Liberal Party – WISHFUL THINKING for 2019 Senatorial Elections

  1. It is obvious that helping the People of the Philippines is what the present administration is trying to show us but Kiko is dreaming to be the next President of the land. Maganda ang adhikain kaya hindi dapat mapunta sa ibang kamay ang pamamahala sa sunod na administration, they want PRod to out of the picture after the Federal is implemented but who might be his replacement after so it should be PRod to enjoy the new form of constitution. Why to step down like what the opposition demands….

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