10 thoughts on “Duterte: BUKING – Sec Sueno joins DILG YELLOW MAFIA (Usec Panadero and Asec Aldana)

  1. Try also to review the ISF program. I was once one of the original staff. Assigned as Technical Officer for Muslim ISF.

  2. It was a surprise information hope we Filipino do also like just to stop corruption and report any bad doing of any government officials in your area. God bless Us.

  3. sueno is a dirty old liar and frigging yellow-blooded dog! god bless pres duterte for his wisdom.

  4. a very detailed and informative article. by reading this all doubts have been erased as why Sueno was fired. hope other huge anomalies will also be exposed like the following: the collection of money from casinos by a certain “La Purisima” from Malacanang during Pnoy’s time which amounted to billions of pesos, the mysterious gold bars deposited by Pnoy and his minions in the Bank of Thailand, the yolanda fund mess, the 8 billion unliquidated cash advances of Mar Roxas and Dinky Soliman, Trillanes’ back door negotiation and his supposed half billion bribe money from an oligarch to discredit Pres. Duterte.

  5. Thank you for providing us, the readers, all the needed documents as proofs of the anomalous transactions of the fired DILG Secretary Sueno.

    Excellent job, President Duterte. Hope all the corrupt people in the government will be removed in duets me …

  6. what does it profit a man,, to gain the whole world,, but suffer the loss of his own soul,,,……
    GO CHARLIE MIKE!!! GO GBI sec reg no. 123899!!! GO GLB GVB GMB!!!

  7. Marami kasing mga Duwag na mamayan , kahit na mali na ang ginagawa nang kanilang Mayor , wala paring kibo , bakit ? ang sagot , sila ay natnapalan nang KONTING HALAG PAYAG NA SILA. Yan ang katotohanan.

  8. Puede po bang paki veryfy ang mga naglalakad na nangangalap na magiging BRGY. CAPTAIN OIC ? gaya dito sa Concepcion, Tarlac, sabi nang isang source namin si dating Cong. Bong Lapuz siya raw ang naguutus na maghanap na mga ilalagay na OIC sa mg Brgy. dito sa Cancepcion , Tarlac, ano ho ba ang athoridad ni Bong Lapuz para magutus sa mga tauhan niya, sabi nang mga Tag Balutu, Concepcion, Tarlac sila po raw ay kampi nang PDP LABAN. Caling the attention of all DILG USEC and Sen. Cayetano. The people are getting mislead , they kept saying that this persons are roaming around Concepcion , Tarlac for every Brgy. of Concepcion. Please Check the AUTHORITY of Bong Lapuz. Thanks a lot.

  9. This very ALARMING also may I ask to verify the name Mr. Florendo, if he is allowed to solicit names and recommend as Brgy Captain OIC for Pampanga Chapter. Thanks a lot.

    • Lots of people solicit money ALLEGEDLY to facilitate appointments from barangay captains and kagawads including those aspiring to hold such positions. Even assuming that these nominees are submitted to the DILG, there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that the persons who PAID to be appointed as barangay officials will indeed be designated as such. We are not even sure if it would be the DILG that would prepare the list since the Office of the President, the Presidential Management Staff, Office of the Cabinet Secretary, city and municipal mayors, PDP Laban and congressmen may all have inputs on the selection process. In other words, money collected would just go to the pockets of those who make promises that will never be fulfilled. SCAM po yan. Huwag magpaloko. Report to 8888.

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