MAR ROXAS NILAGLAG na ng P-Noy allies (3)


Albay governor Salceda junks Roxas

By Joey Natividad   BICOLTODAY

LEGAZPI CITY, Albay – Governor Joey Salceda finally has junked Mar Roxas and Bicolana Leni Robredo.

Salceda’s abandoning the LP ship to join Grace Poe’s bandwagon as announced Friday, April 22 to Manila’s mainstream media, particularly with online, is no longer an earth-shaking news in the Bicol Region.

As early as February, this year, Salceda already gave hints that he was bolting out from LP, but publicly spoken that Albay might dump Roxas, with a flimsy excuse “that the Aquino Administration has failed to finish the international airport project at Daraga town.” exposes “secret talks”

In first week of March, online news got wind of Salceda’s plan to abandon the LP ship and join Grace Poe’s bandwagon.

He went to Manila for a secret meeting with Poe, supposed to a “well-guarded secret meeting-cum-collaboration deal”, but this was co-opted by when this media group posted the news about the “secret talks” that particular week of March.

Then, the “deal” became public knowledge in Albay, amid denials from Salceda.

Albay sources informed that Salceda was ‘very angry’ at this media outfit for exposing his secret deal with Poe.

Only last Friday, April 22, did Salceda confirm his joining the Grace Poe –Chiz Escudero club, junking Roxas and Robredo. has been right all the time.

Salceda had forced himself into public submission after many politicians and observers have taken note of his absence during the LP’s general assembly of top gun politicians in Quezon City last week.

Loyalty switch “on”, “off”

Looking back in the past, Salceda was with then President Gloria Arroyo, and took a hefty bunch of mega projects for Albay. One project was the port in Libon that upon completion, was damaged by a typhoon, which became a non-performing asset later.

After, GMA, he shifted his loyalty to Aquino when he won the presidency.

This April, after sensing that Roxas is taking a nose-dive in his presidential bid, he made a turn-around by supporting Poe.

According to sources in Albay, Salceda can shift loyalties at the turn of a switch.

Salceda’s vow for Roxas, August 2015

Last August, 2015, after Aquino’s anointment of Roxas for the presidency, Salceda had sworn that he was all-out for Roxas, and that he might not run for Congress just to campaign for Roxas.

His “growth and development rhetoric” he described, in August last year, about a Roxas presidency is the same rhetoric he said last week about a Poe presidency. []

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