Aquino planning MARTIAL LAW to stay in power

Facing INEVITABLE defeat of his official candidate Mar Roxas and his alternate candidate Grace Poe, President Noynoy Aquino is planning to declare MARTIAL LAW to stay in power. In 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos, barred by the Constitution to run for a third four-year term in 1973, declared martial law which led to the capture and detention of Senator Ninoy Aquino, the father of the current president, P-Noy. Today, the shoe is on the other foot, President Aquino is barred from running for a second six-year term. PLUNDER and other charges are poised to be filed against President Aquino on July 1, 2016, one day after a scheduled turnover of office to the incoming President who would win the May 9 elections. The President of the Philippines is immune from lawsuits thus the need for him to step down before charges are filed against him. PLUNDER is a NON-BAILABLE offense thus almost guaranteeing PRISON TIME for P-NOY while awaiting and undergoing trial. Two immediate past presidents, President Joseph Estrada and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo were both charged in court after their terms of office expired. Estrada was charged and CONVICTED but was pardoned right after he was found guilty. He, however, spent years in jail (actually a forced vacation) or hospital arrest before his trial ended. Arroyo was charged and is still in jail (for years now) because her trial has barely moved. Presidential candidates Poe, Binay and Duterte have publicly stated that they would allow, or at least, not block court decisions that would order to place the former President, GMA, on house arrest rather than her current hospital arrest.

As GMA prepares to leave hospital arrest, P-Noy would most probably be taking her place in JAIL. With exactly a week left before the May 9 elections, a DESPERATE Aquino Administration is seeing the writing on the wall, an ELECTORAL ROUT of the Aquino candidates (Roxas and Poe). DESPERATE times call for DESPERATE measures and thus the perfectly legal solution of declaring MARTIAL LAW has crossed the minds of the soon-to-be outgoing  government. Most political analysts PREDICT MASSIVE CHEATING in the elections with Mar Roxas being declared the winner (shades of 1986). As what happened in EDSA1, people are expected to take to the streets in protest. A stalemate would occur (ala EDSA1 and EDSA2) which would finally be resolved by PEOPLE POWER toppling the government. The problem with both EDSA1 and EDSA2 was that both governments fell (Marcos and Estrada) so the current Aquino Administration is cognizant of the lessons of the past. Had Marcos intervened earlier as in the night of February 22, 1986 or the early morning of February 23, when the number of protesters had not yet grown to huge proportions, the dictator could have retained power. Assuming, the Aquino government would want to make a PRE-EMPTIVE MOVE (actually a COUP), they would STRIKE on May 9, 2016 as thousands of voters realize that their voting RECEIPTS do not match the candidates they voted for. Anger outside of the polling precincts would be interpreted by the powers that be as UNCONTROLLED VIOLENCE (after a number of planted harmless explosions are conveniently heard in different places) thus “FORCING” Aquino to call in the military to quell the disorder. Martial Law would then be declared due to the popular uprising. Since there will be no election results forthcoming, Mr. Aquino has to stay in power in a holdover capacity until a future election is scheduled. Protesters would, of course, be dealt with in the hope of BREAKING the WILL of the opposition during the duration of martial law (which would only be lifted once Aquino is fairly confident that his candidate, not necessarily Mar Roxas, would win the next time around).

If Aquino can not execute this May 9 plan, he would suffer from a loss of the SURPRISE FACTOR since everyone would be watching out for his every move and that a rush to assume emergency powers would be looked upon as a BLATANT STEP to RETAIN POWER. With each and every passing day that comes along, the Constitutional process of a peaceful transition to a new President would materialize and after July 1, 2016 the fate of ex-President Aquino would be in the hands of the courts (unless he is otherwise disposed of by MOB RULE or a military COUNTER COUP).

#MarRoxas #Duterte2016 #NoToMartialLaw


3 thoughts on “Aquino planning MARTIAL LAW to stay in power

  1. We will protect our country and our people
    Lets pray for the orderly election and put jesus christ first in our heart.

  2. How could Aquino think about declaring Martial Law? Just to stay in power? He’s an asshole!!

  3. He can’t declare martial law because the same will happen in Edsa when they overthrown Marcos they will get it too he will be thrown by people’s power who will listen to him the fallen 44 military has died Purisima is gone for sure some of the military will be rebellious against him no way out for him he must go to jail and pay his judgement of the court his time is over he is a useless President who will fight for him he did nothing good for the Pilipino people God will punish him his heart full of hatred

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