Mar Roxas Social Media Group – STUNNED, CONFUSED and DISORIENTED

In 2009 and 2010, a group of Ninoy and Cory Aquino admirers formed the core of the Noynoy Aquino social media offensive for the May 2010 Presidential elections. Grieving the loss of the icon of Philippine democracy, former President Corazon Aquino, the mantle was passed to her son, Noynoy, forcing then Senator Mar Roxas to give up his presidential ambition and just settle on a vice-presidential run (where he lost to Makati Mayor Jojomar Binay).

In 2009, Noynoy supporters formed the Facebook fan page account Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino lll. This was the main vehicle that attracted hundreds of thousands of newly minted netizens that embarked on a massive online marketing campaign. There were three other significant aspirants – real estate tycoon and Senator Manny Villar, former President and convicted felon Erap Estrada and then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Administration candidate Gibo Teodoro of the Cojuangco clan (and a maternal cousin of Noynoy Aquino).

Early on, the big fight was between the well funded machinery of Manny Villar and the mainly all-volunteer forces of the self-named Yellow Army in honor of Ninoy’s yellow ribbon upon his assassination in 1983.

Villar was the survey front runner until charges of using his political influence for personal/corporate gain derailed his plans to become the national Chief Executive. It must be noted that AFTER his electoral loss, all the so-called charges against Villar simply vanished (due to lack of actionable evidence). In other words, Villar was but a victim of BLACK PROPAGANDA. The Yellow Army congratulated themselves for installing Noynoy, now renamed P-Noy, in Malacanang Palace. Significantly, most of the Noynoy boosters heavily campaigned for Mar Roxas for Vice President too so 2016 would be REDEMPTION time with the Liberal Party fielding Mar Roxas for President. In other words, a Mar Roxas versus Jojo Binay Part 2 is/was a foregone conclusion, this time for the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

What seemed like an epic one-on-one battle in 2016, however, developed complications with the entry of Senator Grace Poe (who was a survey front runner for a couple of months until Davao Mayor Rordigo Duterte crashed the party and is now the Metro Manila survey front runner).

This merely2016 4 inc duterte means that the Mar Roxas propaganda group is only prepared to bash Binay and they have not been successful even in this field as the Vice President, in spite of all the negative press related to graft and corruption charges, continues to post survey figures above that of Roxas. With the entry of both Poe and Duterte, the Mar campaign team is STUNNED and CONFUSED since all their efforts in terms of paid media ads are not getting positive results. Mar Roxas was trailing at number three position with Poe and Binay as his opponents, now, with the entry of Duterte, he is languishing in the fourth and last (if you only consider those with a chance of winning) place.

4 thoughts on “Mar Roxas Social Media Group – STUNNED, CONFUSED and DISORIENTED

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