Liberal Party Spokesperson Makes a BOOBOO on Duterte Survey Lead

Take note that when asked to comment on the survey result, the Liberal Party spokesperson Congressman “Bimbo” (in American parlance, a dumb blonde) was at a loss on how to make a positive spin on an obviously DEVASTATING result for his standard bearer Mar Roxas and the good Marikina representative cited that Roxas had a 7 point increase. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth because in the prior similar (September) survey Mar Roxas was fourth at 13 percent. Since Roxas only got 11 percent in this latest (November) survey, that means he actually LOST 2 percent rather than gain 7 percent. Was “Bimbo” MISQUOTED, MISINFORMED, CONFUSED, DESPERATE, IN PANIC or SIMPLY STUPID? It is still a long way to May 2016 but we are already seeing signs of “cracking up” in the Administration team. Senator Poe was patiently wooed to slide down as the Liberal Party Vice Presidential candidate but FPJ’s daughter spurned the idea and went on to mount her own Presidential run. In a three-way contest Mar Roxas would have landed third (with Vice President Binay contesting the Presidency with Poe). Now in a four horse race, Mar Roxas, 2010 losing Vice Presidential candidate, as things stand today, would probably land in the number FOUR position.

Poe got 26 percent; Vice President Jejomar Binay, 22 percent; former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, 11 percent; and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, 7 percent.

Pulse Asia conducted face-to-face interviews with 300 respondents from Nov. 11 to 12, or less than two weeks before Duterte declared that he would seek the presidency in the May 2016 general elections.

Just two months ago, Duterte placed second in Metro Manila, 4 percentage points behind the then front-runner, Poe.

Results of the Pulse Asia survey in September showed that Duterte got 27 percent, lower than the 31 percent obtained by Poe. Binay came in third with 26 percent, Roxas was fourth with 13 percent.

***** Informed of the latest Pulse Asia survey, Marikina Rep. Miro Quimbo of the Liberal Party said Roxas’ rating had increased by 7 points.*****

Sought for comment, Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian, spokesperson for Poe, said: “We have yet to see the survey. To comment on a survey that has not been made public by any group is unfair and inconclusive. The method, sample, etc., are factors that must be considered.”

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