#Trending – Happy Birthday FPJ

Today is the birthday of the late Fernando Poe Jr., popularly known as FPJ and Da King (the King of Filipino Movies). The movie star ran for President of the Philippines in 2004 against then incumbent President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in a highly controversial national elections. GMA is widely believed to have CHEATED FPJ of the Presidency using operatives of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) thru Comelec Commissioner Garcillano (“Hello Garci”). A wiretapped recording of the infamous conversation was leaked to the public with GMA producing a supposed “genuine” copy of the phone conversation as opposed to the REAL THING which her spokesperson branded as a fake. GMA later apologized (“I am sorry”) in a prime-time nationally televised broadcast. FPJ took his loss heavily and the campaign, elections and subsequent protest actions may have cost him his life. Today, we are again on the crossroads of history as his daughter, now Senator Grace Poe, who topped the senatorial elections in 2013, may embark on her own Presidential campaign for 2016.

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Fernando Poe Jr., Da King of Filipino Movies.

Fernando Poe Jr., Da King of Filipino Movies.

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