Warriors and Cavaliers go for crucial Game 5 2015 NBA Finals win

With the NBA 2015 Finals Series tied at 2 – 2, both favored Golden State Warriors and underdog Cleveland Cavaliers would attempt to seize the all-important one game lead that goes to the winner of Game 5. Golden State would be playing in Oakland, California which therefore gives them the home court advantage. Golden State lost Game 2 at home while Cleveland also lost at home in Game 4 so that as far as this particular Championship Series is concerned, and up to this point, the home court advantage is more potential than actual. A relatively healthy Warriors team led by season MVP Stephen Curry would be facing the decimated, injured and fatigued Cavaliers with super star Lebron James who played brilliantly in the first three games but lacked focus in Game 4 after sustaining a head injury (falling into a video/television camera). On the tactical side of the game, the Warriors would probably resort to a running game that gave them the huge lead in Game 4 since this would take advantage of their speed and capitalize on the Cavalier exhaustion factor. The Cavaliers would resort to a more deliberate approach (because their big men are more prone to get tired earlier) although their only play is to give the ball to Lebron and get out of the way (isolation play). As the proverbial saying goes, “The ball is round”, which means all predictions are thrown out of the window once the ball is tossed in the opening jump ball. There would be likely heroes today in the persons of Curry and James but there should be others too that would have to step up to grab the all-important one game lead.

2015 NBA Finals - Curry (Golden State) versus James (Cleveland)

2015 NBA Finals – Curry (Golden State) versus James (Cleveland)

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