Yahoo Philippines Shuts Down – Mahina Kita

Yahoo International shut down Yahoo Philippines along with other services (maps) and in other countries too (Canada, Spain) in a move to redirect its operations. While there is no official comment on why the closures were effected, it may have something to do with adjusting their business model. They are not competitive in maps (compared to the highly successful Google product) and the country Yahoos are not generating enough income to sustain operations or do not meet net profit goals. Searching and clicking to Yahoo Philippines are diverted to Yahoo Singapore, which merely implies a great dilution in terms of Philippine content. Sayang (sigh), we can only lament the loss of Yahoo Philippines at the same time that we understand Yahoo’s business decision. The massive Yahoo realignment also shows that not all Internet roads are paved with gold and that even high tech giants like Yahoo are not guaranteed instant success in any and every expansion (geographic, product) venture that

Yahoo Philippines Shuts Down

Yahoo Philippines Shuts Down

they undertake. In the cyber world now dominated by Google, Apple,, Samsung, YouTube and Facebook such names as Yahoo, Nokia, Blackberry  and Microsoft (once giants in their fields) find the competition faster and more nimble in terms launching innovative products and scoring victories. But don’t look now a new generation of companies (Instagram, SnapChat) are out to steal a company’s lunch (which is why current giants are buying them out).

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