Social Media Incubating the Next Generation of Pinoy Sex Criminals

Young Filipino boys, high school kids and college level males, are posting thousands of porn spam on Facebook and other social media outlets every day. It is summer time and most students are on school vacation. It is the traditional time for out of town trips, basketball, biking, swimming and computer gaming. In the subset of the computer savvy, skilled in Dota, Grand Theft Auto, Clash of Clans, Warcraft and other blockbuster games, have risen a new breed of flooders and spammers who disdain proliferating selfies and celebrity pictures and post pornography links instead. Facebook personal pages, fan pages and groups are teeming with nude pictures, sex act photos and triple X content. Unwary Facebook members, hoping to catch the latest news from relatives, classmates and friends are shocked beyond disbelief upon seeing graphic photos in their walls (when tagged by a “friend”) or in their news feeds when the offensive pictures find their way to the pages of their friends. Facebook has a faulty reporting system where page owners are mandated to clean their pages when Facebook can actually remove the offensive links themselves. Instead of punishing accounts responsible for spreading the porn viruses, Facebook takes action against the pages where the porn links are posted. Group pages, personal accounts and fan pages are mere victims to the concerted effort of porn spammers yet Facebook takes it against them in their inability to control the sex viruses spam spread. Surely all the sexual content on the internet will have an effect on the national moral fiber and those responsible for the proliferation porn of video or photo links could soon graduate (if they have not done so already)

This is the only photo that we can publish for fear of proliferating pornographic pictures.

This is the only photo that we can publish for fear of proliferating pornographic pictures.

to the next level of SEX CRIMES.

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