TRIPLE LOSERS BOTH – Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas

Former Vice President Jojo Binay and former Senator Mar Roxas are stereotypical political arch enemies. Jojo Binay, former Mayor of Makati, which his family has controlled for decades post EDSA 1 and Mar Roxas of the super rich Roxas Araneta clan whose grandfather was a former president and father who was a former senator are exact opposites. Binay rose from relative poverty while Mar comes from the landlord class.

Their first major clash came in 2010 when the former local government unit (LGU) top executive Binay aspired for national office and ran for vice president. Mar being an incumbent senator also ran for VP in tandem with fellow senator and soon to be President Noynoy Aquino, son of former President Cory Aquino and former Senator Ninoy Aquino.

Mar Roxas and fellow Senator Loren Legarda were neck and neck for some time until the Yellow Army (Liberal Party of Aquino and Roxas) demolished presidential candidate Manny Villar with running mate Legarda soon falling by the wayside too. While Mar was already savoring victory long before the elections were held, Binay was slowly but surely improving his survey numbers and won the Vice Presidency by a nose. Jojo Binay one point, Mar Roxas zero.

For 2016, President Noynoy Aquino chose Mar to be the presidential standard bearer. VP Binay, a heartbeat away from the presidency for six years, ran for president too. The Binay Roxas rematch, but this time for a higher stake, was supposed to be a classic but Senator Grace Poe at some points in time led Binay, the survey leader for the past five years. Mar had dismal popularity ratings. Out of nowhere came Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who did not even submit his Certificate of Candidacy on the final day of filing. He had to go through the substitution route when his PDP Laban party mate (Martin Dino) withdrew. The rest is history as Duterte won by a mile. Binay lost. Mar Roxas lost.

The 2019 midterm elections are interesting for both Binay and Mar. Having lost the vice presidential race (to Binay) in 2010 and the presidential race (to Duterte) in 2016, the natural option would be to run for senator to feel the pulse of the electorate and gauge his chances for repeat future runs at higher office, and Mar did run for senator. Chances for a Mar Roxas senatorial victory were high, after all he had been senator before from 2004 to 2010 and there were twelve senatorial slots to be filled. Mar Roxas lost. By the 2022 presidential elections, Mar did not run for any position anymore. Three consecutive heartbreaking losses.

Jojo Binay in 2019 ran for a congressional seat in his bailiwick, the city of Makati, with his daughter Abigail as mayor. A family feud between his children Abby and Jun Jun resulted in an awkward situation wherein brother and sister ran against each other for Makati chief executive. Abby won. But lo and behold, Jojo Binay, the leader of the family dynasty that runs Makati from the mid 1980s (up to the present) lost. On the national scene, Binay daughter Nancy won her re-election bid for the Senate, hanging on to the 12th and last place.

In 2022, Jojo Binay ran for senator. Considering that most people view the 2013 and 2019 Nancy Binay senatorial victories as proxy votes for the father, the implication there is that Jojo is far more popular such that a senatorial victory would be a walk in the park. Remember Jojo was Vice President from 2010 to 2016 plus the Nancy two senatorial runs are good indicators of the Binay brand in national politics. Binay lost. Just like Mar Roxas, Jojo Binay was hit with three consecutive devastating defeats.

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