FVR spits at photographers at EDSA 1 anniversary celebration

Fidel V. Ramos spat at cameramen covering the EDSA 1 2018 proceedings. Was he kidding (although in poor taste), angry (since former President Aquino and current President Duterte did not grace the festivity) or showing signs of senile dementia (in other words, losing his mind)? Alzheimer’s disease is now the term used for senility. In a photograph captured by Melvin Anore, liquid is seen spewing from the mouth of FVR and a visual analysis may make one conclude that the amount and viscosity of the fluid is more compatible with water than saliva (which is frothy or bubbly). In other words, FVR may have taken a gulp of water from a bottle before spitting out the contents of his mouth into the unwary photographers. FVR is known for gimmickry such as annually repeating his famous 1986 jump or leap. He also carries an eyeglass frame (you got it right only a frame without the lenses) which he wears in photo opportunities. He says it makes him look intelligent (the frame, that is) at the same time he does not want the glasses because they cause reflections when flashbulbs are used which may obscure or blur his eyes in the photos. Can we just charge this incident as a former President taking a joke too far or are we seeing the beginning of more outrageous behavior brought about by rapidly advancing age and/or loss of control of his faculties? We can only watch and hope for the best for our former President.

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FVR edsa 1 2018 spits

One thought on “FVR spits at photographers at EDSA 1 anniversary celebration

  1. I think he is senile. Had an encounter with him recently where he was guest of honor in a public event. I approached him and tried to take a selfie with him. All of a sudden he faced me and started choking me. This incident is a far cry from the time i saw him right after his presidency where he was so friendly. Oh well, age is getting the better of him

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