Sandra Cam exposes Samuel Aguilar as Iloilo/Antique DRUG LORD

pnp sandra cam

In the Senate investigation on the PCSO and Small Time Lottery, PCSO Director Sandra Cam revealed that PCSO STL franchisee Samuel Aguilar is also the JUETENG kingpin of the area while hiding under STL Identification Cards to avoid arrest for the illegal numbers game which rakes in the bulk of the money while reporting only minuscule amounts for the government-run gambling component.

Cam mentioned that Samuel Aguilar used to work in the New Bilibid Prisons under General Vinarao. Aguilar was able to establish business links with high profile convicted DRUG LORD Peter Co as well as Peter Lim. Cam revealed that Aguilar was the major supplier of Visayas DRUG LORD Melvin “Boyet” Odicta Sr. (killed together with his wife in 2016). Cam stated that Aguilar is the current overall head of operations of the ILLEGAL DRUG TRADE (SHABU) in Antique Province, Iloilo City and North Cotabato. Aguilar is also supposedly close to former Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog (a cousin of Senator Franklin Drilon). Mabilog was named by President Rody Duterte as the DRUG LORD protector of Iloilo City. He has since been removed from office and fled to the United States for medical reasons and has not returned to face prosecution.

As an STL franchisee, Aguilar used to frequent the office of PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan (the main opponent of Sandra Cam in the PCSO).

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