Dengue Vaccine PHP 3.5 BILLION SCAM: VACC calls for PLUNDER charges against Aquino, Abad, Garin et al

Share Share Share – Breaking News: Former President Aquino nasa Senate Blue Ribbon Committee at Committee on Health imbestigasyon sa PHP 3.5 BILLION Dengue Vaccine Scam. Sabi ni P-Noy WALA naman daw nagsabi sa kaniya na may duda o agamagam sa bakunang ipinakalat sa 830,000 Filipinos (mga 10 taong gulang na mga magaaaral sa mga pampubulikong eskwelahan).

Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) recommends the filing of PLUNDER cases against Ex-President Aquino, former Health Secretary Garin, former Budget Secretary Abad and others regarding the controversial Dengue Vaccine Scam.
dengue PNoy meeting fda approval


Charge Aquino, Garin and Abad

The Food and Drug Administration has ordered the recall of Dengvaxia, the world’s first anti-dengue vaccine, over concerns that it might put at risk those who do not have a history of dengue.

That is to be expected. Imagine 733,00 schoolchildren who have been immunized are all in danger after former President Benigno Aquino III and his health secretary, Janette Garin, went on a buying spree toward the end of the previous administration.

The recall of the drug should not make us complacent. The impact of this fiasco is so overwhelming.

We cannot rely on what the Sanofi representatives are saying. They are playing down the impact of the issue.

The Duterte administration should look into why and how this fiasco even happened. Those responsible should be made accountable.

Records show that Aquino met representatives of Sanofi Pasteur in Paris, twice. Soon enough, a deal was in place. Maybe Aquino wanted to show the people that he was doing something for the people. At that time, the 2016 election was looming large.

My gulay, that’s just criminal!

The drug was never certified by the World Health Organization. Now Sanofi tells us there are risks. This is just unacceptable!

The Duterte administration is now saying that in the wake of investigations scheduled by Congress and the Department of Justice, together with the National Bureau of Investigation, a refund of the P3.5 billion spent for the program should be sought. Parents of the children should file a class suit.

Considering the fact that it was BS Aquino who negotiated this deal that was later implemented by Garin, what must be done is as clear as day. And let us not forget former Budget Secretary Florencio Abad who released the money.

I am truly passionate about holding these people accountable for what they did. I am so worried about those children.



ThinkingPinoy is feeling disgusted at Times Street.
December 4 at 1:46am · Quezon City · 


In a ThinkingPinoy interview held earlier today at the Philippine Red Cross HQ, Senator Dick Gordon said:

1. Pres. Noynoy Aquino and Department of Health (Philippines) Sec. Janette Loreto Garin met Sanofi-Aventis in France on 01 Dec 2015.

2. Nine days later on 10 Dec 2015, Pnoy started looking for money to fund the Dengvaxia mass immunization program, even if the drug has yet to be approved for use in the Philippines.

3. Pnoy initially wanted P5 billion, but was only able to find P3.5 billion. It was taken from savings from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Program,which was intended for retired personnel, in contravention of a February 2015 Supreme Court of the Philippines ruling on DAP, which prohibits the Executive Branch from reallocating savings.

4. Food and Drug Administration Philippines approved Dengvaxia on 23 December 2015, even if it still had no formulary, or an official list giving details of medicines that may be prescribed.

5. The Department of Budget and Management, though Sec. Butch Abad, summarily issued a Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) for 3.5 billion on 29 December 2015.

Sanofi’s Dengvaxia was later confirmed to worsen dengue symptoms for those who have not had dengue prior to vaccination, potentially endangering the lives of the 700,000 individuals, mostly 4th Grade children, who received Dengvaxia through the botched immunization program of the Aquino Government.



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