Duterte regains the propaganda initiative with his Revolutionary Government – Yes, No or Just Maybe

President Duterte has floated the idea of a REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT at the same time that he says that there could be a lack of support from the side of the military. In the case that he is plotting to impose a REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT (he does not like Martial Law due to the many so-called restrictions inherent in its implementation) then why is he stating a possible negative side or backlash to what he is planning to do. The most logical reason for this is that Digong is testing the waters, releasing a trial balloon and allowing people to weigh in the pros and cons of the idea. Truth to tell, the Duterte Administration is definitely UNDER THREAT from the political forces of the previous Aquino government, the big business interests affected by his anti corruption drive and the mainstream media that is mainly owned or sponsored by giant corporations. Recent developments in the tax payments of the Mighty Corporation (PHP 25B), back dues of the Philippine Airlines (PHP 6B) and the seizure of the Mile Long property (owned by the Prieto family of the Philippine Daily Inquirer) are but the biggest collections in BIR history. In other words, President Duterte is making significant gains in getting long overdue amounts as well as projecting himself as a legitimate regional leader in this part of the world. All these positive developments are however DROWNED in the consistent and persistent howl of the political opposition, mainstream media and the international press mostly focusing on the War on Drugs. In the battle for the hearts and minds of the Filipino people, a Duterte call for a REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT seizes the public imagination and speculation is rife as to its need and possible dire consequences. By feeding the frenzy accompanying his pronouncements the initiative is retained by the President as he controls the topic of conversation rather that his political enemies hugging the limelight. Just like in the 2016 Presidential elections, a controversial Mayor Digong (insulting the Pope, bashing the US President and giving a bad-taste rape joke) MONOPOLIZED the headlines with the other Presidential candidates largely ignored. Defining the topic of the debate is a SHREWD move to be on the ATTACK mode which could or would  leave his detractors playing catch up. After LOSING the propaganda momentum in the War on Drugs tussle, President Duterte is once again in the driver’s seat with regards to the topics of the day and newspaper headlines, DEFINING his agenda and poking fun at his haters.

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