Viral video: Vivian Velez on Revolutionary Government

CERTIFIED VIRAL video of Duterte Facebook fan page 176,409 views at the time of this posting.

A subsequent video on the same day got 24,600 views.

Ang pagtitipon ng mga lider ng Kilusang Pagbabago Metro Manila para sa pagsusulong ng Rebolusyunaryong Gobyerno pinagunahan ni Dr.Ed Clemente Chairman KP-Metro Manila Kasama si Ms.Vivian Velez ng Network Revolution ***** RADYO KILUSANG PAGBABAGO “PULSUHAN NG MAMAMAYAN” Share Share Share – Breaking News: November 7, 2017 FB LIVE STREAMING with Miss Vivian Velez on Revolutionary Government. more than 176 k video views as of this posting *** Our radio program (with both YouTube and Facebook LIVE STREAMING) are on Saturday afternoons 2:30 to 4:00 at DWBL 1242 kHz AM band. *** MARAWI MARAWI MARAWI  ** Our Facebook fan page host to FB Live STREAMING —–>>>>> *** Our YouTube CHANNEL (video archive or library) —–>>>>> #Duterte

vivian velez cropped


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