De Lima DID NOT deny receiving DRUG LORD money for her campaign

Upon being NAMED by President Duterte as having an ILLICIT LOVE AFFAIR with her married driver, Senator De Lima lashed at the Digong low blow that exposed her secret relationship. However, she DID NOT DENY that her driver received her campaign money from DRUG LORDS in Bilibid Prison. She is just hoping that since President Duterte was UNGENTLEMANLY in his expose, people would conclude that Digong was not telling the truth. De Lima should have taken the opportunity to DENY in absolute terms the charge that she is PROTECTING DRUG LORDS for a fee. The fact that she side-stepped the ILLEGAL DRUG issue would only fan more SPECULATION that she is indeed harboring DRUG LORDS.


Duterte: Senator Delima has a driver lover who collected campaign money from DRUG LORDS in Bilibid Prison

(UPDATED) President Duterte specifically named Senator De Lima in a later interview.


Share Share Share – Breaking News: Duterte slams female senator whose lover (her family driver) collected campaign money from the drug lords in Bilibid Prison. May VIDEO pa raw when she was investigating then Mayor Duterte, linking him to the Davao Death Squad. President Duterte DID NOT name the female senator, however, he says she constantly criticizes him on the issue of human rights. Sino kaya? Your guess is as good as ours. Please give your comment. This is the latest CLUE to the President’s continuing and escalating barbs against a “female executive” who has been tormenting him. Digong has previously stated that he would DESTROY (name and shame) the senator in PUBLIC. Like Like Like ——>>>> Duterte

LP pnoy delima bistek mar walang alam

3 thoughts on “De Lima DID NOT deny receiving DRUG LORD money for her campaign

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  3. Degong victory is a victory of the Filipino people. Sa buhay ngayon di lang basta pera kundi ang tunay na kaunlaran ng bawat mamayan. Iyan ang tunay na kahulogan ng duterte administration. GOD BE WITH YOU DUTERTE. Patayin mo lahat ang mga taong walang awang nagpapahirap sa bayan. Sagot kita sa panghinoon. May mga taong naka kilala daw sa dios. Pero pinanonood lang ang kahirapan. akoy isang taong nabubuhay at nag aaral sa mga mahihirap tulad mo. Kaya huwag mong kaawaan ang mga naglalabag sa batas. Sa panahon ngayon. GOD versus Devils. Atin ang penicillin. Lets fight against the doers evils. Mabuhay ka mahal na pangulo

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