Philippines: Hidilyn Diaz wins silver medal in Rio Olympics

Rio 2016: Hidilyn Diaz ends Philippine Olympic medal drought with weightlifting silver

Philippines gets 3rd silver medal in Olympics

ABS-CBN News      Aug 08 2016

The number 13 has turned out to be a lucky number for the Philippines after weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz broke a 20-year medal drought for the country after winning a silver medal in the Rio Olympics on Monday morning.

Diaz, 25, one of 13 Philippine athletes competing in Rio, finally won a medal after three Olympic stints. Her first was in the 2008 Beijing Games followed by the 2012 London Games where she also served as the flag-bearer.

It is only the Philippines’ third silver medal in the Olympics, and Diaz’s silver is the first outside of boxing.

Light flyweight boxer Mansueto ‘Onyok’ Velasco won the silver in the 1996 Atlanta Games.

The Philippines’ first silver medal was won by featherweight boxer Anthony Villanueva in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

The Philippines has won 7 bronze medals in the Olympics for a grand total so far of 10 medals (3 silvers) since 1928.

The Philippines has yet to win a gold medal in the Olympics. Bowler Arianne Cerdena won the gold in the 1988 Seoul Olympics when bowling was a demonstration sport.

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