PATAY: Second Robbery with Rape Suspect Shot Dead

Alfie “Buddy” Turado was shot dead while under police custody. Turado was nabbed by his neighbors then turned over to the police. He admitted to having been part of the robbery but claimed that he did not participate in the rapes of two female van passengers. Wilfredo Lorenzo was previously captured by the police and identified by the victims. Two additional victims have also surfaced and have implicated both Lorenzo and Turado.

Deaths of suspects under police custody are fairly common occurrences. The usual reasons are “the suspect was able to run away” or “the suspect grabbed the gun of a policeman”.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to be proclaimed as the next President of the Philippines on June 30, 2016. He campaigned on the issues of criminality, drugs and corruption. He is also advocating the return of the DEATH PENALTY which would need Congressional action through a new law. #Halalan2016 #Duterte2016 robbery rape 2nd suspect

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