STUPID Mar Roxas: Hindi kailangan ang INC

Papaano kaya masasabi ni Mar Roxas na magwawagi sha eh lagi naman shang malayo sa mga survey. Maski nga sha ang dalhin ng Iglesia Ni Cristo, wala pa rin shang

bala mar demolition

Presidential candidate Mar Roxas declares that the Tanim Bala airport extortion scheme is a DEMOLITION JOB hatched to destroy the image of the government.

kasiguraduhang mananalo, eh de lalo pa shang mapagiiwanan kapag napunta ang Iglesia bloc voting sa kalaban nya bilang Presidente. Tila Hocus PCOS nalang ang tangi nyang maaasahan.


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Roxas says he can win even without INC backing

MANILA, Philippines – Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Manuel Roxas II is optimistic that he will win the presidential race even without the endorsement of the bloc-voting religious group Iglesia ni Cristo (INC).
The INC is said to be capable of delivering 2 million votes to the candidates it is supporting. The group has yet to announce the candidates it will endorse for the upcoming polls as of Monday.
When asked in an interview Monday if his support base is strong enough to propel him to victory even without an INC endorsement, Roxas said: “I believe so.”
When asked how this would happen, the LP presidential candidate replied: “Why would I tell my secret to you?”
Roxas stressed that an endorsement is something freely given.
“I don’t know to whom they (INC) will give it (endorsement). I am operating (with the assumption) that it’s just a plus if it comes. If not, we cannot force them to side with something that they do not like,” he added.
Roxas also declined to comment on President Aquino’s meeting with INC leaders on Monday.
“It’s between them,” he said.
Roxas met with the INC at least twice during the campaign period. The first meeting was held on March 30 while the second one happened last April 19.
Roxas, however, was tight-lipped on what transpired during the meetings, merely saying that the dialogues were an opportunity to present his platform.
INC endorsed then presidential aspirant Sen. Benigno Aquino III and his running mate Roxas during the 2010 polls.
Aquino emerged victorious while Roxas lost the vice presidential race to then Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay.
Last year, Roxas urged participants of an INC rally to avoid blocking roads and reminded them that their event should not cause inconvenience to motorists.

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