Duterte has 20 MILLION Facebook Group Members

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Presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is now FIRMLY in the LEAD in all three major survey firms (SWS, Pulse Asia and Laylo) and he is now pulling away from former front runner Senator Grace Poe. Social media is now credited for his PHENOMENAL RISE and SUCCESS. Significantly, Senator Grace Poe, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Liberal Party standard bearer former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas basically IGNORED campaigning through the Internet (predominantly Facebook). The obvious reason is that they have so much cash that they can pour on mainstream media (radio, TV and newspapers. In the Fcaebook front, all three Duterte opponents make use of the term BOOST (sponsored post or paid advertisement) to get their message across while the RESOURCE DEFICIENT Duterte campaign relies heavily on a pool of volunteers (mostly self-appointed) to spread the Digong version of the Gospel (with apologies to the Pope).

Now it can be told. Among the many parallel groups supporting the Presidential bid of the Davao City Mayor is the low profile, and definitely CASH STRAPPED Metro Manila Duterte Movement (MMDM) which has been appointed by the Davao City/Mindanao group called Mayor Rody Roa Duterte National Executive and Coordinating Council (MRRD NECC) as its chapter organization in the National Capital Region. MMDM is so DIRT POOR that it can not even provide volunteer identification cards, stickers, bollers, wall posters, calendars, tarps and streamers. The only propaganda materials they never seem to run out of are single sheet (4 pages when folded in the middle) comic “books” produced using low tech mimeo machines (sorry, no offset machine available). It goes without saying that contrary to the Mar Roxas full color editions flooding barangay halls, the MMDM comics only come out in black and white (in other words, single color).

However, the MMDM has 20 MILLION Facebook group members in its arsenal which explains why most Filipino Facebook account holders always seem to be inundated by Duterte campaign posters in their news feed, personal walls (shared by their FB friends) and favorite fan pages (either as admin posts or supporter comments). Since social media is actually more effective as a DEMOLITION TOOL, the use of the Duterte 20 MILLION FB group member platform commands a strong presence which has been used and can be used for focused or targeted responses (take note, Digong always wins a tit-for-tat exchange against Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay, mainly because there are more Digong supporters online ready to pounce on the VP and/or the former Senator). The Roxas, Binay and Poe sponsored posts mostly appear as contrived, stale and dated since they have to undergo lots of centralized office analysis in focus group discussions and they make use of photographs and posters that need time to prepare. Duterte posters are usually independent contributions made by individuals so that a number of times a day, a few of their products could achieve VIRAL status with everyone SHARING the informative, interesting, funny or INSULTING MEMES. Being fast on the gun (pardon the pun) in terms of a quick propaganda response gives Digong a real competitive advantage. Coupled with his 20 MILLION FB group members, Digong seems UNSTOPPABLE at this stage of the campaign.

Note: Facebook says there are 40 MILLION accounts from the Philippines. This means that MMDM alone has the eyes of half of the total Philippine FB accounts on any given day. Obviously there are lots of other Duterte organizations and unorganized supporters out there.

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100 thoughts on “Duterte has 20 MILLION Facebook Group Members

  1. Wala ng iba pang makakatulong sa atin kundi ang sarili natin at si Duterte! Kaya sa May 9 solid Duterte kami!!!

  2. Duterte ..
    No matter what!!

  3. Hehehe. Sama sama tayo. Kay Duterte. D ko nabasa ung iba. Ang dami kc.

  4. Hehehe. Sama sama tayo. Duterte din kame. Para sa kinabukas ng mabubuting pilipino. Kaya ung mga mabubuting pilipino Jan na nagnanais ng Kaginhawahan sa pamumuhay. Makiisa n kayo.

  5. kahit anong mangyari solid kami #du30

  6. kahit anung paninira nila sayo DU30 parin ako

  7. Duterte for president

  8. My Family and all my relatives we are Solid duterte and cayetano.
    Para sa pagbabago ng ating pinakamamahal na bansang pilipinas.
    God bless DUCAY.

    Ofw from jeddah saudi.

  9. We need a president like DUTERTE

  10. that is very true proven and tested

  11. we need a change… my vote is for Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte,with my family and friends….. go go go…….. God Bless Mayor Duterte….

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  13. Mr.Rodrigo Duterte for President Go Go Go…when he win! Will spend my Holiday in Davao!!!we Love You Mr. President Duterte!!!God Bless You Always!!!

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  17. Go Mayor. Change is coming 2016 #PHVoteDuterte2016

  18. Walang makakapigil sa amin.. Inspite sa mga Black propaganda mas lalo kaming naging matatag

  19. bukas nah duterte nah!!! wala ng iba para mabuksan na ang rinatago ni pnoy kc takot na takot sila!! di sila magkakaganyan kung wala silang tinatago!!! #duterteparin…

  20. Enough is enough. It’s time now to end corruption in our government. “Sa Ika-uunlad ng Bayan, Disiplina ang kailangan!.. (Pres. Ferdinan Marcos Slogan)

  21. We love DU30.. TI2ISIN KO ANG MAHABANG PILA Just to vote tatay du30

  22. DUTERTE👊👊👊👊👊👊

  23. Duterte is the best in Davao and in the Phil….///

  24. Say ” GAW ” ng

    NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!


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