Poe and Duterte – Statistical Tie for First, Grace going DOWN, Digong moving UP

Poe 26% (down from 28%), Duterte 25% (up from 24%), Binay 22% (up from 21%) and Roxas 20% (unchanged).  Pulse Asia Survey commissioned by ABS-CBN. Conducted Mar 8 – 13, 2016. This survey was done AFTER the Supreme Court decision that voted favorably for Grace Poe to run after her natural born citizenship status and 10 year mandatory residency were questioned. Poe supporters were PROJECTING an estimated 10% UPWARD jump which did NOT materialize. Instead of Poe gaining percentage points, her POPULARITY is DECLINING (based on poll surveys) while Mayor Rodrigo Duterte  and Vice President Binay are gaining. These results are still too close to call with at least three candidates (Poe, Duterte and Binay) in a position to achieve victory. Mar Roxas, always at the tail end, is still hopeful that being the Aquino Administration candidate has a big advantage that coul

2016 top 1234

2016 Presidential survey front-runner Senator Grace Poe (now LOSING POINTS) with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte (now GAINING POINTS) and in a STATISTICAL TIE for FIRST PLACE. Vice President Jejomar Binay  occupies the number three slot while DILG Secretary Mar Roxas is in fourth position. 


d propel him to the Palace but HISTORY is not kind to administration candidates (Mitra in 1992 although Cory Aquino shifted to Ramos at the last minute, De Venecia in 1998 and Teodoro in 2010).






The Standard presidential poll: Poe still ahead, Duterte now in 2nd place

4 thoughts on “Poe and Duterte – Statistical Tie for First, Grace going DOWN, Digong moving UP

  1. Lets try visayan leader to lead our country

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