RCBC Money Laundering: William Go Withdrew PHP 20 Million

RCBC Angela Torres confirmed that William Go PERSONALLY WITHDREW PHP 20 MILLION from the RCBC Jupiter branch. This statement was made in a DZMM Teleradyo telephone interview. RCBC branch employee Agarrado testified in a Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigation that it was Branch Manager Maia Dequito who drove away with the money. Businessman William Go previously VEHEMENTLY DENIED that the peso account in his name was his and, in fact, he stated that the account in his name was opened WITHOUT HIS CONSENT and PRIOR KNOWLEDGE.

At the time of this writing, the Senate is in an EXECUTIVE SESSION, meaning out of public view with RCBC Branch Manager Maya Dequito as the main witness. The RCBC lawyer, former ACCRA lawyer Maria Cecilia Fernandez-Estavillo, now head of legal and regulatory affairs at RCBC, CHARMED her way in the Senate investigation who tried to pass all the BLAME on the RCBC Jupiter Branch Manager Maia Dequto. Dequito has always statedrcbc william go that all her actions were done upon orders of RCBC President Lorenzo Tan.

PHOTO: Center of RCBC money laundering scandal, businessman William Go, who has previously DENIED any involvement in the stolen money from Bangladesh which was wire transfered in dollars and converted to Philippine pesos. Said amount for a total of 80 MILLION US Dollars was then laundered using three Philippine casinos.


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