P-Noy Samar Group ILALAGLAG Muli si Mar Roxas

Breaking News: Hindi nanaman susuportahan ng Samar Group si Mar Roxas bagamat hati sila para kay Poe, Duterte at Binay.

Ang grupong nagpapanalo sa NoyBi nuong 2010 na naging sanhi ng pagwawagi ni Vice President Binay ay muling kumikilos para hadlangan nanaman si Mar Roxas sa halalan ngayong 2016. Maaalala natin na patungo na sa tagumpay ang tambalang Noynoy Aquino at Mar Roxas bilang Pangulo at Pangalawang Pangulo nuong sumabog ang balita na marami pala sa kampo ni Aquino ang hindi gustong manalo si Mar Roxas (na naging paraan para makatakbo si P-Noy bilang Presidente nuong umatras si Mar sa pagkamatay ni dating Presidente Cory Aquino). NoyBi tuloy ang nagwagi. Sa anim na taong nakalipas ang LAGLAGAN na naganap, HINDI NAGKAAYOS ang Samar Group at si Mar Roxas bagamat magkakasama sila sa Administrasyon, sa Palasyo at sa Gabinte.PNoy Bi 2010

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Four out of six P-Noy appointees to the Supreme Court voted to retain Senator Grace Poe in the upcoming Presidential race. A total of 9 SC justices favored the Poe position against six who sided with the Comelec stand that Senator Poe is not a natural-born Filipino citizen and that she did not meet the 10 year residency requirement needed to run for President.

Political pundits see this Poe legal victory as a vote for a more liberal interpretation of the Philippine Constitution, thereby based on the the grounds of POPULARITY rather than a strict interpretation based on the intention and spirit of the law. The ruling comes at a time with only two months before the May 9, 2016 elections. Significantly, the ruling Liberal Party Administration bet, former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, consistently lags behind poll surveys and rumors abound regarding a possible JUNKING in favor of Poe to maintain the hold of the Aquino Coalition into the next administration. Former Senator Mar Roxas lost in the 2010 Vice-Presidential race when major chunks of the then Presidential candidate Senator Benigno Aquino lll supporters opted for a non-Liberal Party ticket VP candidate, the eventual winner in the name  of Jejomar Binay. The Roxas STAB IN THE BACK was initiated by the so-called Samar Group of current Executive Secretary Pacquito Ochoa with Senator Chiz Escudero (now running for Vice President under the Grace Poe ticket) as its vocal spokesperson. Administration Vice Presidential bet Congresswoman Leni Robredo is also lagging behind the surveys so a Noynoy Aquino switch to Grace Poe for President can also include Chiz Escudero for Vice President to preempt a possible victory for Senator Bong Bong Marcos. Senators Chiz and Bong Bong are neck and neck in the VP race and Senator Chiz may need some help from the Aquino Administration to prevent a Marcos return to Malacanang. On the 30th Anniversary of the People Power Revolution (EDSA 1), President Aquino lambasted the Marcos family for human rights violations and economic PLUNDER in an obvious attempt to prevent the son of the late unlamented Dictator from regaining the power that the Marcos family lost when they were UNCEREMONIOUSLY OUSTED from office and relegated to exile in Hawaii. Senator Grace Poe, on the other hand, publicly stated that she, in case she wins the Presidency, would appoint P-Noy as her Graft and Corruption national adviser getting sighs of relief from the Aquino camp since Senator Poe had previously stated that her administration would not bar or influence the filing and/or outcome of PLUNDER charges being prepared against the sitting President once he steps down from office (since he currently has an immunity from suits at this time). So, aside from losing influence in the next Administration, President Aquino is also moving heaven and earth to prevent being JAILED (PLUNDER is a non-bailable offense which means he could spend JAIL time while defending himself in court

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