Mar Roxas now seeing his candidacy JUNKED by P-Noy allies. With the start of the official campaign period underway, former Senator (Cory Administration) and former Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary (P-Noy administration) Alberto Romulo attended the opening salvo rally of the Presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Romulo’s son is an official candidate of the Team Grace Poe ticket but the father still made his presence felt in the Digong camp in an effort to solicit a “Second Endorsement” from the Duterte Cayetano tandem. Significantly, Romulo does not attend Mar Roxas and Liberal Party campaign sorties.

A few weeks before the February 2016 Comelec campaign period, the Nograles clan, bitter Davao opponents of Mayor Duterte bolted from the Aquino Administration Coalition to cast their support for their blood relative Digong. Their official statement stated that their bloc consists of at least 50 members of the Lower House (House of Representatives) with at least 20 of them being members of the Liberal Party. This decision can be construed as a move along regional lines as Mayor Duterte is the mayor of Davao City in Mindanao.

On the local front, Secretary Mar Roxas may have his hands full even in his own home turf as Congressman Albie Benitez, Chair of the Liberal Party in Negros Occidental, already publicly declared his support for Senator Poe. Needless to say, the poor survey results of Secretary Mar prompted many in the Aquino Administration Coalition to jump ship on the basis of the lack of winnability in candidate Roxas. Roxas ran and lost in 2010 for the Vice Presidential seat while his party mate Benigno Aquino won the Presidency. Mar Roxas was stabbed in the back by Aquino backers when they campaigned for a NoyBi (for Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay, who won as Vice President) ticket. Those same Aquino allies are again plotting to sabotage the Roxas campaign with prominent personalities siding with either  Vice President Binay or Senator Poe or Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President in 2016.

The Aquino Administration was recently hounded by the Lagalag Bala international airport controversy with DILG Secretary geting some collateral flak as he was formerly Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications. It did not help that Roxas issued strong statements against passengers carrying weapons and bullets (some as amulets) while totally being SILENT on the EXTORTION aspect of the problem. It is the general perception that the epidemic of “discoveries” is due to airport security personnel trying to make a fast buck by planting bullets on the luggage of hapless victims who would be prodded to give grease money in an effort to avoid missing their scheduled flights. bala kayo


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