Comelec DISQUALIFIES Poe on citizenship and residency issues

Independent Senatorial candidate Senator Grace Poe was DISQUALIFIED by the Comelec Second Division for failing to hurdle her natural-born citizenship status and her minimum residency of 10 years to run for President.

She has the option to file for an appeal which would be heard by the Comelec en banc. A negative decision for Poe would force her to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The DISQUALIFICATION comes at a bad time after she lost her poll survey lead to Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a recently concluded study conducted in Metro Manila.

The main effort of Poe would have to be aimed at her name being included in the soon-to-be printed ballots while her appeal is ongoing. There is a provision to put an ASTERISK after her name to mean that a protest is still in process, nevertheless, she can be voted upon BUT still be DISQUALIFIED should the Supreme Court rule against her.

Legal experts believe that on a LEGAL plane Poe does not have a chance to run for President, however, a POLITICAL decision may still come out so the country may have to bear more months of uncertainty. The Supreme Court can DELAY a FINAL DECISION until after the May 2016 elections opting to allow her to win in case she gets the most number of votes under the principle of Vox Populi, Vox Dei (the voice of the people is the voice of God) while they need not make any decision should she lose the elections on the Moot and Academic Principle (meaning there is no point in issuing a decision since she lost anyway).grace no country

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