Grace Poe did not run under the Liberal Party because of 2004 FPJ trauma

Senator Grace Poe announced her plan to run for President and, as expected, her bashers are out in droves calling her unprepared, opportunistic, an ingrate and worse. The main source of most of these personal attacks (some of which are below the belt) come from the very side that was just recently (some say up to now) praising her to the high heavens in an effort to convince her to run as Vice President under the Liberal Party ticket with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas as their standard bearer. As things appear right now, there is no turning back for Poe ensuring at least a three way fight for the Presidency (Vice President Binay, Secretary Roxas and Senator Poe, with a possible fourth candidate in the person of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte).

The question keeps cropping up on why she is in such a hurry to run for President in 2016. Liberal Party stalwarts keep on stressing the point that she is still “unripe” for 2016 and that she could very well be the Liberal Party standard bearer in 2022 (assuming, of course, that Mar Roxas wins the Presidency in 2016, presumably with lots of help from Senator Poe). The LP was even floating the pipe dream of 18 years in the Philippine Presidential seat (Aquino 2010, Roxas 2016 and Poe 2022). All those dreams crashed when Poe decided to run on her own leaving Mar Roxas with no option but to fight it out with VP Binay and Senator Poe. Most surveys point to a poor third place finish for Roxas in this epic battle and a fourth place finish for Roxas if Duterte finally enters the fray as well.

Senator Poe is running because she has a far greater chance of winning than Roxas. She did not accept the Liberal Party draft to become their Vice Presidential bet because in 2004, when her father, Fernando Poe Jr., ran for President against then incumbent President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the Liberal Party was complicit in CHEATING her father of the Presidency. FPJ died because of a broken heart. LP bigwigs, specifically Senators Frank Drilon and Kiko Pangilinan, RAILROADED the Senate canvassing process by repeatedly saying “NOTED” every time there was a question or objection raised by the FPJ electoral lawyers.

President Aquino Coalition and Liberal Party could both SPLIT on who among their alliance members to support for President in 2016.

President Aquino Coalition and Liberal Party could both SPLIT on who among their alliance members to support for President in 2016.

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