Aquino Picks Roxas for 2016

President Aquino finally anointed DILG Secretary Mar Roxas to be the Liberal Party standard bearer for the 2016 Presidential elections. The announcement ended speculations of the Administration coalition drafting the survey front-runner Senator Grace Poe to challenge Vice President Jejomar Binay. Senator Poe has yet to announce her own political plans for 2016. Her options are to run against both Binay and Roxas for President, to run for Vice-President under the Liberal Party or another accredited political party (Nationalista Party, NPC, etc.) or sit it out in 2016 as she still has three years in her six-year term (she topped the senatorial race in 2013). Former Senator Mar Roxas is currently tied in Presidential surveys for fourth and fifth places with former President Erap Estrada. Senator Poe is in number one position, Vice President Binay is in number two while Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is in number three. Mayor Estrada and Mayor Duterte both have not yet decided with finality on

Vice President Binay and DILG Secretary Roxas have declared that they would run for President. Senator Poe and Mayor Duterte are still weighing their options.

whether to run for higher office or not.

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