BABOY GANG – Pasok Bahay Gang Huli sa CCTV, yung mga babae (at lalaki din) puro matatabang baboy

Report these THIEVES. Siguro naman may mga makakakilala sa mga HAYOP na yan.

Pasok Bahay Gang photos taken by CCTV in house of victim

Pasok Bahay Gang photos taken by CCTV in house of victim

Check out how the “Pasok Bahay Gang” can rob YOUR house in broad daylight below, so you can avoid this somehow!

Sunday, May 4 at around 11:58AM, nearly Noontime, five repulsive individuals (4 females and 1 male) broke into our house in Perpetual Village, Daang Hari St. Taguig City.

Thinking they are smart enough to grab the surveillance cameras installed inside our house, they failed to spot the other security cam, which is the reason we’re able to see these photos of the burglars. You definitely got lucky to be called one time big time, but these videos and your dishonorable faces will all make you sparkling diamond stars! The amount of money you can generate from the burglary will definitely make you happy and rich, but seeing your videos and photos all over the Internet social media, DEFINITELY PRICELESS!


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