Supreme Court issues TRO for Rizal Monument photobomber

The Supreme Court today issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in the construction of the DMCI Torre de Manila. The said massive building obstructs the line of sight of the Rizal Monument, a favorite among local and international tourists, in the Luneta Park. Jose Rizal is the Philippine national hero. He was executed by gunfire by Spanish authorities in the late 1800s. Spain colonized the Philippines for more than 300 years. DMCI is the corporation of David M. Consunji and a top real estate developer in the Philippines. The real test in this historical case is whether the building would be ordered demolished (and actually destroyed) should DMCI lose the case with finality. At a minimum, the structure should not benefit from any economic activity (meaning no occupants, no condominium sales,

Rizal Monument photobomber DMCI Torre de Manila

Rizal Monument photobomber DMCI Torre de Manila

no leases and no rental income) while the case drags in the courts for years.

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