Department of Health Secretary Ona RESIGNS (napulitika kasi)

Department of Health Secretary Enrique Ona, on leave for the past 30 days, has resigned from his cabinet position. He was implicated in an alleged anomalous transaction involving pneumonia vaccine. Dr. Ona is widely believed to be honest thus raising the possibility that his ouster could be in preparation for the 2016 Presidential elections. The Administration Liberal Party already controls the Department of the Interior and Local Government in the hands of Mar Roxas, largely considered to be the Liberal Party candidate for President in 2016. The Department of Social Welfare and Development is under Dinky Soliman, a staunch ally of President Aquino. Health, DILG and the Social Welfare Departments are three of the executive departments closest to the people (voting population) and very much needed in terms of mass mobilization, distribution of dole-outs, medical missions and other election related activities. The current Acting Department of Health Secretaory, Dr. Janette Gari, is a Liberal Party member and former legislator (congresswoman from Iloilo). She (along with other legislators) is currently being investigated in relation to the NABCOR Fund Scam where former officers of the government agency accuse her of having received PHP 1 million in cash during the campaign period leading to the 2007 midterm elections where Garin ran for congresswoman.

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