Liberal Party Choice for Health Secretary involved in PHP 5 Billion NABCOR Fund Scam

DOH Acting Secretary Garin under investigation for GRAFT and CORRUPTION The case is about the PHP 5 BILLION National Agribusiness Corporation (NABCOR) fund scam that was distributed to former lawmakers (Janette Garin is a former congresswoman, representing the 1st district of IloiloDOH usec janette garin). Garin was pinpointed by former NABCOR officials as having personally received PHP 1 million during the 2007 elections. Garin is a member of the administration Liberal Party and comes from the powerful Tupas and Garin clans of Iloilo. Many believe that her appointment to the Department of Health was a result of horse-trading and political payback. This recent revelation casts doubt on the ability of the Department of Health to correct its corrupt ways as the current Secretary (Dr. Enrique Ona, now on official leave) is under investigation for the anomalous purchase of pneumonia vaccines. Dr. Garin comes from the private sector in terms of profession but served three terms in the Philippine House of Representatives (recently wracked by allegations of wrongdoing involving billions of pesos of public funds).

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