21 thoughts on “Philippine Daily Inquirer Opinion Columnist Conrado De Quiros in a COMA for more than a week now

  1. Get well, you are sorely missed.

  2. A humble prayer for your health at pagbalik sa inyong muling makabuluhang pagsusulat as columnist and a profound writer. God bless…

  3. Hope he’ll get better soon, been waiting to read his columns for 2 months already.

  4. I missed your column that is why I googled and tried searching for news about you. Praying for your recovery. May the God of Comfort be with you.

  5. May God give you a miracle to survive and let us read some more of your wisest columns. I read your columns, I am not only amazed, I am educated, too. Get well soon, idol.

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  7. How is he now? Our prayers are with him..we miss his very insightful commentary..

  8. Just found out about your stroke today – 7 months after it happened. No wonder we’ve been waiting and waiting for your column for ages. May the Lord grant you complete recovery and allow you to continue sharing your thoughts and wisdom to readers all around the nation…

  9. I am a big fan. I will continue praying for you.

  10. I hope you recover idol. I am a big fan, while I did not agree with all you write, your writing style to me, is one, if not the best among the Philippine daily columnists. You have my utmost respect. I have been following you since you started writing in Inquirer and I have been an Inquirer reader from its very first issue in 1985. I hope to read your article again sometime soon. It will be an understatement if I said I miss your writing.. Get well

  11. Been eagerly awaiting for your comeback, Mr. De Quiros. I really miss your insightful commentaries. May God give you more strength and power.

  12. So sorry I just learned about your health condition. I thought the ‘De Quiros Silence’ is already very unusual. I suspected there must be something wrong when I noticed there’s no more caption at the bottom of your Opinion section space that say’s “Condrado de Quiros is on medical leave.” Google is so quick to inform me you had a stroke last October 4, 2014. Please allow me to keep you in my prayers. Inshaallah, may you recover from this ordeal.

    I’ve been missing what you will have to say about the Mamasapano incident; about the Bangsamoro Basic Law; I can guess you will have countless columns to write about China’s bullying; about the K-12 program; about the difference (if there is) and similarities of Binay, Roxas and Poe and their quest for the thrown; about police and Purisima; about music and the world of aesthetics. And, oh, will you have something to say about the tower being constructed at the back of Rizal? Or would you rather talk about the transforming art of turning a ‘Kariton’ into a store, a home, a bathroom, a motel and a playhouse?

    Perhaps, there are many of us who miss you because suddenly we are no longer hearing our voices written in simple language and cadence that thuds in rhythm to the beating of our hearts. Perhaps, you made a very attractive revolution that is resulting to positive addiction. Or maybe this is what you called “the heart of revolution is the revolution of the heart”. Either way, please be well,



  13. I will continue praying for your speedy recovery. You are a big inspiration to all writers out there.

  14. You are terribly missed. ….our prayers for your recovery …and writing again.


  16. Does anybody know how Conrado de Quiros is now? Please let us know.

  17. I pray for your recovery my idol….i miss your writings and have been wondering why i haven’t heard anything from you now that the noise about election matters are flooding the country…i want to hear from you again….i miss your posts.

  18. I just know about this now..praying for your faster recovery! A fan here!

  19. Miss CDQ’s no-holds-barred and unminced commentaries on Duterte’s rise to power which would have appeared in his column if he were fully recovered now.

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